10 Best Trend Shift In Women’s Fitness

The fitness industry is tremendously growing due to its essential need in combating the effects of sedentary lifestyle, in particular among the women. This year your favorite fitness workout maybe trending. According to a 2016 survey on fitness trends by the American College of Sports Medicine, there are some fitness trends that are still trending while others went down but are still among the top 20.

What are trends?

Trends are things that are evolving. They gain momentum and make a long-term societal and business impact. The former President of the US, Bill Clinton once said:” Follow the trend lines and not the headlines”.

What causes a shift in fitness trends?   

  • Availability of new and better technology
  • Change in monetary terms
  • Expensive equipment
  • Costly technical instructions
  • Lack of information on what is trending

Are you starting out of looking for something to spice up your fitness workout? Here are the biggest trend shifts in women’s fitness. What will be yours?

1. Wearable Technology


According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the wearable technology will remain trending in 2017. Why is the technology so popular? The gadget is popular because it is accurate.

You have a variety of wearable technology to select. It comes in the form of smartwatches, heart rate monitors and GPS tracking devices. Use the wearable technology to your advantage.

Wearable technology is easy to carry, results are accurate  24/7, easy to use, tracks down your daily activities, and it motivates you to live healthier lifestyle unlike other technologies in the market.

2. Body Weight Exercise


Body weight training can be done in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to worry about equipment because you are the equipment.

All you need is to move your body in multiple planes and connected units. You can do squats, pushups and pull ups. Doing body weights exercise is cheaper, maintains your fitness and build your muscle.

3. High-Intensity Interval Training


In 2014 to 2015 high-intensity interval training was trending at number 1. Much as it is not the number one trending today, it is still among the top ten.

The training takes less than 30 minutes in performance and involves a high-intensity exercise of the short burst. You take short periods of rest as you exercise.

The high-intensity interval exercise remains popular globally in gyms despite health experts warning on increased rates of injuries during workouts.

4. Strength Training


Strength exercise is training that uses resistance. What do I mean by this? You simply use weight to strengthen and condition the muscle-skeleton system.

By strengthening the muscles, you improve your muscle tone and endurance. In other terms, you can call this “weight lifting”.

Benefits of the strength training include an increase in the tendon, bone and ligament strength, tones and builds your muscles. Having a great physic builds your confidence and self-worth. Try strength training today!

5. Educational Fitness Workshops


Many fitness educational programs are coming up fit for consumers. Community colleges, colleges, and university are now accredited by the Accreditation of Allied Health Education Program and more other certification programs.

As the economies grow so will the fitness industry. There is demand for professional fitness instructors and coaches.

6. Personal Training

You may wish to have a personal trainer for your workouts. A personal trainer will guide you to reach your optimal goal be it in or out of the gym. A professional trainer will guide you in healthy exercise, healthy eating habits and how to achieve your workout goals.

7. Functional Fitness Program For Older Women


The fitness program is ideal for older adults. It is age appropriate and a safe exercise program for the ageing population. It is fit for the vigorously active and frail elderly adults. The adult population is growing thus the trend for fitness.

8. Functional Fitness For You


Functional fitness involves the performance of daily activities. You can paly with your kids, do house chores, climb the stairs or wash your car. You physically participate in your day-to-day work that improves your life. Professional trainers take functional fitness to be healthier, and more balanced.

9. Group Fitness Classes


Do you enjoy working out in groups? You can choose to join a gym that has workout groups, join one in your neighborhood or you can start yours. It is a great avenue to connect with others.

When you join or form a group, make the workout consistent. Identifying the sport that suits both members is necessary. Sports activities may include cycling, running, swimming, aerobics, yoga, skipping rope and more.

10. Yogayoga

Yoga classes are known for improving health and relaxes the body. There are different types of yoga you can do. There are a lot of information on yoga in books, YouTube, and in instructional tapes that can help you learn more about yoga. Yoga trending because it refreshes every year.

I leave it to you. What will be your fitness trend in 2016 to 2017?