10 Exercises that you can do at your work desk

exercises at officeSitting at the office desk from 8 to 6, to be honest well, it’s not very healthy for you. Not everyone has a walker in their office. [Actually, some do but well that’s not the point].

So, here are 10 exercises you can do at your office to improve blood circulation, relieve stress and all those scientific stuff you don’t want me to get into.

  1. The first and the very basic would be – sit upright, place your hands on your thighs and breathe heavily – inhale – exhale. Do it with me right now – inhale – exhale – inhale – exhale and we are done, pretty easy wasn’t it?

Let’s move to your head – you can do this in whichever order you like.

  1. Neck rolls – look towards your left then towards your right as simple as that, look up towards the roof of your office then down towards the floor. Apply a little pressure to your neck every time you do it and you have mastered a yoga technique. Congratulations!
  1. Feet lift 1 – while seated on your chair lift your heels up so that only the balls of your feet touch the ground, keep it lifted for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.
  1. Feet lift 2 – now, the other way round – lift the feet so only the heels touch the ground, and keep it lifted for 5 seconds and repeat.
  2. Leg raise – lift one of your leg up under the desk in front of you, rotate your ankle clockwise for 15 seconds.  Then as you might’ve guessed already, rotate counter-clockwise. Do the same with the other leg
  1. Elbow pull – with one hand grasp the elbow of the other hand above your head and gently pull it to one side.
  2. Shoulder pull – place your right hand straight towards the left shoulder hold it with the left hand and apply gentle pressure. Do it with the other as well.
  3. Half forward bend – inhale while raising your arms above your head, exhale and move your arms forward out in front of you at a 45 degree angle, breathe gently. Press your interlocked hand towards the ground, a firm press – stretch until you feel your back muscles relaxed.
  4. Shoulder opening – well you have to get up for the last two you couch potato. Roll your shoulders behind your back and interlock your hands. Keeping   your back straight.
  1. Last, and the best of all – take a stroll. Walk around in the office, go to your friends table and have a chat.

So, these are a bunch of exercises you can perform at your office desk to get out of the commercial environment and feel a bit relaxed. Include these exercises in your office schedule. Also, make sure nobody’s watching you or it might get a bit awkward.