10 Little Things that are Essential for a Happy, Healthy, and Compatible Relationship

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It’s an amazing feeling to be in love. The feeling of being loved is the greatest gift that anyone could ever have. However, it is not that easy. Being in a relationship requires a great effort to maintain it as a happy, healthy and compatible one.

In this article, you get to know things that are important in a relationship to keep it alive and to make it last forever. Here are some of the points that you need to consider:

  1. Let your partner feel how important he/she is to you. Saying the magic words of love like, “I love you, I miss you, Take care,” will let him/her feel that he/she is important and that you care for him/her. Therefore, never be fail to give him/her these words.
  2. Communicate effectively. In relationships, communication is very important. Make sure that you share your opinions openly. Avoid keeping secrets. Remember that, when you start to hide something from your partner, that’s the beginning of your dishonesty.
  3. Go on a date together. Do not just keep yourself busy at work. This is the most common source of conflicts, TIME. When you notice that both of you are so engrossed with your work, look for a suitable time for the two of you to go on a date, like a dinner date or anything that will make you two spend time together. This will help keep relationship alive and will always bring excitement.
  4. Have vacation together. Rest days are always rest days. But vacations should be enjoyed. A one-day off is not enough for both of you to enjoy. A vacation is a perfect time for both of you to refresh the relationship. Make it always new. With this, you will not be bored in your relationship.
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    Do the household chores together. Do not let your partner work alone on the household chores. Working on it together will help your relationship become stronger. Each of you will know and understand the struggle involved in doing home task.

  6. Never go to bed when you are angry.  It is not good to leave unfinished discussions hanging and problems unfixed. Before sleeping at night, take time to finish everything and solve the problem. Do not drag the anger or the problem to the following day.
  7. Do not demand you partner to change his physical outlook. When one gets older, the physical structure will change and that is a natural change. Accept the changes happening in his/her physical structure; he/she is getting bigger or smaller, prettier or uglier. Just accept the way he/she is.
  8. Do not forget simple things that are of great value. What are these simple things? These simple things are special dates in your relationship, such as, birthday, months, anniversary or anything that you consider important to him/her. When he/she gets promoted in a job, celebrate it with him/her.
  9. Play sports together. Playing some sports is a good exercise. It helps you live a life free from stress. This is better when you both do this to enjoy the fun playing together.
  10. Make love like it is always the first time. Do not lose the excitement in making love with your partner. As much as possible, let him/her feel that you have always wanted him/her like it’s the first time.