10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Places in Kerala

The first thing on the To-Do list after marriage is the honeymoon. Well before marriage, various places are searched for a honeymoon. Some go abroad who can afford but most couples visit Indian destinations only. The place finalization also depends on the season of marriage. Honeymoon destination is decided on which place offers the best weather in that particular season of marriage.

There are many places in India but the most romantic honeymoon places in India which are preferred are as follows

  • Shimla – Himachal Pradesh. The best season to visit is from March to June. It is a very wonderful hill station and one of the affordable destinations in India.
  • Jammu & Kashmir- Valleys and mountains, lakes are the biggest attraction. Gardens laden with colorful flowers are just amazing. The best time to visit is from April to October
  • Coorg, Karnataka – A small downtown in South is called as Scotland of India. Calm and engulfed with the aroma of coffee. The best time to travel is from January to May
  • Goa – Beautiful beaches and the land of sun, sand, and sea. One of the best honeymoon places in the world. The best time to visit is from October to January.
  • Kerala Backwaters – Gifted paradise destination known as God’s Own Country.

There are many in God’s Own Country, Kerala.

There are many honeymoon places in Kerala. If one wishes to travel to Kerala for a honeymoon, the state offers a lot of the best packages. There are amazing places in Kerala worth visit once. Scenic views, Mountains, lakes, valleys, Kerala offers all.  Kerala is famous for its Backwaters in the world. There are some best honeymoon places in Kerala, where couples can get the treat of their life. They can experience the beautiful landscapes, mountains, valleys, delicious food, and warmth during their honeymoon stay in Kerala. Here we will discuss about the top 10 places of Kerala where couples can plan.

  1. Houseboat Cruise, Kumarakom:-

Backwaters of Kumarakom and Alleppey are pristine and famous worldwide. Vacation spent on cruise in Kumarakom always remains memorable and very pleasing. One can have a look at vast backwaters with rice paddies and coconut groves, which are a very ravishing, view altogether.

  1. Chembra Peak, Wayanad:-

Chembra peak is the highest peak in Wayanad. This peak has a heart-shaped lake. The water in this lake never gets dry in any season, making this place a very favorite for the tourists and one of the best honeymoon places in Kerala. At around two km from this lake, there is a peak through a dense forest. The lake mostly covered with mist and snow looks very beautiful from the peak.

  1. Rocky Promenede, Kovalam:-

Kovalam beach has rocky shores. There is lengthy rocky land extended well into the sea, which makes this place very different from other beaches. Couples can explore the seashore by bathing in calm waters, clifftop, fishing, and visiting village shows. The view of Kovalam Lighthouse looks great from the cliff. There is lush greenery alongside the villages.


  1. Floating Cottages, Poovar:-

Poovar is a beach with golden sand, emerald backwaters, swaying coconut palms, and a Blue Ocean in the Arabian Sea. Sunset at the backdrop makes it a great place on earth. The Floating Cottages are just like heaven on earth giving you impeccable pleasure. These floating cottages of Poovar Island Resort are situated far away from the city and boat is the only transport to reach there.

  1. Tea Gardens, Munnar:-

Situated at the heart of Munnar, these beautiful tea gardens are laden with lush greenery. Mountains at backdrop and surrounded by mist, these tea gardens look stunning. One can see the ladies plucking tea leaves while wandering through these gardens. Sensational tea aroma will steal your senses for a while. The Echo Point and Waterfall are other attractions that make this place the top choice of honeymoon couples.

  1. Kundala Dam, Munnar:-

Kundala is the first Arch Dam of Asia and popular for artificial dam. Couples can enjoy a great boating experience along with the picturesque dam. Pedal boating, row boating, and shikara boating give the ultimate experience. One of the most fascinating honeymoon places people won’t miss. The amazing valleys here have a very unique flower which blooms only once in twelve years. The cherry blossom blooms however happen twice a year.

  1. Heritage Streets, Fort Kochi:-

Fort Kochi is a historical place and has the ambiance of great appearance. There are wide streets with vintage bungalows alongside. With food joints at corners, you can enjoy the treat to your tongue. Princess Street is a wide street and is always crowded with foreign tourists. Enjoy evening in Kasi Arts Cafe with surrounding of good hart collection. There are also some old-fashioned cottages where you can visit.

  1. Traditional Kerala Cottage, Marari Beach:-

Ideal place for couples in these cottages with a swimming pool, delicious food, and great ambiance. Relaxing in the swimming pool after stretching to places is a nice experience to feel.

  1. Green Meadows, Vagamon:-

To have a great feel of nature visit the grassy, green hills of Vagamon. You will feel that you are entirely in a different world. Completely detached from the rusty, crowded world. The experience is so mind-blowing that you won’t be willing to come out of it. Fresh air, cool breeze, mostly lousy atmosphere will make your senses sleep. The Green Meadows attracts tourists from all over the world.

  1. Treehouse, Athirapally:-

Athirapally is popular for sightseeing and tourism. It is the most untapped destination in Kerala. Enchanting waterfalls into the forest echo and views so pristine that you will get spellbound. The view also can be seen from the swimming pool of the resort. The disappearing of the waterfall as the sun sets is just a breath-taking experience. Mostly not known to people but this is a splendid place to spend a honeymoon.

Briefing Up

Throughout India, there are many best places for a honeymoon. Most romantic honeymoon places in India happens to be in almost all states. Similarly, there are a lot of honeymoon places in Kerala too. Here we discussed some of the honeymoon places in Kerala, however, there are many other places also, which can be visited by the families, friends, and devotees. Every year Kerala sees a lot of tourists from within and out of the country. Termed as God’s Own Country, Kerala is gifted with a very beautiful nature and with normally cool and fresh air. The population is scattered and this gives Kerala very nice weather.