Stylish Outfits and Outfit Additions Every Woman Must Try

According to Rachel Zoe a fashion designer, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”. We all have a personal style that is unique and is influenced by season, what are trending and our own preference. To inspire you, here are some stylish outfits and fashion accessories to keep you elegant, stylish, and sexy in all seasons.

  1. A black blazerblack-blazer

A black blazer is an essential outfit in a woman’s wardrobe. Since its black, it can match with anything underneath it. Have a blazer that is trending. Avoid oversized and those with shoulder pads. Choose a blazer that suits your body. If your tall, choose one that is longer and if want to show off your waistline choose a fitted blazer in the waist area. A blazer can be worn over a dress, skirt, or pants. You can leave it open or close it.

  1. White Shirt/ Blouse

A stylish white shirt is a wonderful outfit that should look flattering when worn and put the accent on your best features. The shirt should fit you well. You can choose to wear as a tuck it in or leave it out under a skirt, pants, and jeans or with a suit. Go for a cotton shirt. The material is durable and it resists is stains. White shirt is stylish in all seasons.

  1. Black trouserblack-trouser

A pair of well-fitting black pants is a must have in your wardrobe. Choose a height that matches your favourite heels. You can match a black trouser with any colour top of your choice. You can wear black pants for a coffee date, office meeting or casual meeting. What you put on top will determine your occasion.

  1. A line or Pencil Black Skirtpencil-black-skirt

Your wardrobe should have a knee length black skirt that fits perfectly. You can choose an A-line or pencil skirt. It all depends on your body type. A black skirt is worn in all season.

  1. Set of Pearlsset-of-pearls

Pearls are a classic and contemporary addition to your jewellery collection. Pearls symbolise beauty and purity. They come in different lengths and types. The various kinds include; natural, imitated, freshwater, saltwater, and cultured pearls. You can choose to have a collection of pearls right from earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. You can wear pearls in formal and informal dress code.

  1. Blue Jeansjackets-jeans

Your wardrobe should never miss a pair of blue jeans. Choose a jean that is current in style, comfortable and flatters your body. Based on your body type; for great looking legs choose a skinny jean, want attention on your waist area choose flared jeans and if your body has a great waistline choose a high waist jeans. Go for dark denim jeans. It can be worn during the day or night.

  1. Stylish black pumpsstylish-black-pumps

Choose a pair of pumps that are comfortable and sexy. Black pumps can be worn with a dress, skirt, pants or shorts except for your gym clothes. It suits all season. When buying shoes ensure they fit well, and they are comfortable.

  1. White Or Black Cardigancardigan

Choose black or white cardigan in both long and short sleeves. You may never know how the beautiful this outfit will look on you. A cotton or cashmere material is the best regarding quality. Sweaters will keep you warm during chilly weather conditions. How you dress in your sweater is up to you. You can have a cardigan over your shoulders and tie around your neck, or you can wear it.

  1. Classic Bagclassic-bag

Choose a bag that is, stylish and large enough to carry your daily essentials. Have a Small Clutch bag for parties and evening outings. If it is inconvenient for you to be holding a clutch, you can go for an evening bag with straps.

  1. Classic Trench Coatclassic-trench-coat

A trench coat gives you a beautiful and sophisticated look. It matches with any outfit. Make sure the coat does not wear you but fits well in your shoulders. Choose a length that gives you a great sexy look. Shorter trench coats look great with pants and jeans while long trench coats go with dresses.

Have these stylish outfits and remember “Fashion looks better when you feel good on the inside.”