20 Creative Ideas To Use Waste Materials To Decorate Home

waste for home decorEvery environment we find ourselves in has its own unique surroundings which could be natural or artificial. Maintaining these natural or artificial surroundings require a great sense of dedication from the individuals living in such surroundings or communities.

In maintaining these surrounding we have to manage waste properly and with all the care for the environment. Thus adopting the global campaign of “Recycling” could be very essential. This process is simply re-using waste materials for other purposes, which could comfortably be the usage of waste materials to decorate homes and engineer the use.

The idea of using waste materials to decorate homes can sound somewhat appalling. Yet it isn’t at all awful if we go through together.


  1. First, you needn’t throw away your big salad bowl, when you can easily turn it into a beautiful and dazzling aquarium to house tiny golden fishes. These bowls can be quite large and not close to being shallow at all. Getting a few fingerlings into this, with a well-perforated rubber covering on top, the children will just clap for you if they’re only around.
  2. Besides, Christmas is approaching and it is a-must to prepare ardently to meet it. In preparation, you’ll need to buy various Christmas hungers to decorate your homes. With old magazines you need not spend a dime on the many things to decorate your home. Simply turn your old newspapers and magazines into glamorous folded hangers.
  3. Again, plastic bottles can also be cut and shaped nicely to decorate hen coups or make an art. Plastic bottles can also be used for making pen stands.
  4. Your children must not necessarily travel to the parks before they can play when you can make a playing ground in your own house using old car-tyres as swings for them.
  5. In case a stare at the window is not nice to behold, simply turn your louvre-blades into a bookshelf so as to get a place to nicely and neatly store some books.
  6. There are some things like a colander which you don’t have to waste money on, when that empty tin could be recycled into a nice colander.
  7. A bottle neck is also very useful in serving as a funnel. After drinking a whole lot of bottled water for the season, cut the neck area right to the outlet and arrange them on the shelf as funnels.
  8. Sometimes, after enjoying that delicious cookies of biscuits, don’t just throw the tin away. It can be recycled into a jewellery tin or box.
  9. A fish basket can also be used as a place to store cosmetics thus turning it into a cosmetic box.
  10. Amazingly even a coconut pod can be re- used as a penholder, it’s not bad to try at your home desk.
  11. Your walls also needs to be beautiful with hall hangings and paintings. Luckily egg and other sea shells can be glued to the walls to make the scene beautiful.
  12. After using up the toilet rolls, it is often not a shame to cut the middle rolled paper to hold up curtains in the sitting room.
  13. When empty boxes seem to be piling up, we don’t need to burn them. We can stuff them with any other material and place an electric machine on, whether a television set or the radio.
  14. Again, empty boxes could also be cut and glued into a simple but beautiful book shelf for the admiration of all.
  15. Used or old clothes should also not be burned or trampled upon, we can just stuff them into pieces of sewn cloth and make them into sofa pillow for the visitors.
  16. In addition, it can be a great idea to sew old cloths of different colours, texture and designs into one large cloth to cover the bed. You’ll be amazed at the finished piece you’ll see.
  17. Furthermore, you don’t need to bother when throwing old cups away, you just have to keep them, paste some stickers and put all your pens into them, just for orderliness.
  18. Again, the old cup could be placed at the washroom or bathhouse and serve as the house for soaps and toothbrushes.
  19. There may be a lot of farm animals in the home, the sheepskin could be washed after the kill, dried and be turned into a doormat for visitors and family members to step on.
  20. Finally, in case we kill a fowl, just don’t throw away the feather. These feathers can be washed, dried and dyed into beautiful colour-artefacts which could be stuck into a small box, a big old soap or anything similar and be placed at the hall for all to see.

Everything around us, even the ones we term as waste materials are very important. We must endeavor to make the best out of everything around us. From the least to the most important.