2020- The Biggest Online Education Year Ever

The COVID-19 epidemic changed our lives so much. As the months go, this epidemic provided more far-searching than we initially thought our governments forced emergency measures, but after a long time, they continue to look set the epidemic situation.

The education system effected by COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 education system was so effected. The time is not measured in years or months in academia, but by terms like semesters or trimesters. In the whole world, many institutions faced the same situation and even not finished the course outline. Moreover, when they started the new academic year, they were mostly unprepared because under the same conditions. However, at this point, with different levels of excellence and gratification, 90% of students in developed countries received online classes.

Online classes a better option in this pandemic

Since in March, was expected that things will be changed significantly. But when the lake experience of schools was used as an excuse then there should be a need for a new strategy and serious plans for a proper learning experience. They may prevent their students from forming part of a lost generation.

While from a long time the academic institutions taught all their students through online classes and provided them a valid and full alternative to all students that followed the classes from home. Furthermore, forced a reduction in classroom size due to lockdown and social distancing, everything designated that academic activity takes a long time to return to normal or thought that, if this pandemic over and it returns to normal then this normal may be different from before. So the online classes were a better option in this pandemic.

How academic institutions deal with such a scenario?

If the online classes were going to be a problem or not, it’s the first need that made sure. However, the last few weeks or months from this pandemic made all decisions, testing, and evaluating alternatives, but after the COVID-19 period, students offered a reasonable plan and allowed them, not only to learn online under those conditions but also dealt with this confusing interval period. While, due to the current technological scenario, allowed institutions to see that, for teaching online many good tools that are generally very easy to use.

The issue revolved around several specific issues

Cleary, in the online environment those institutions with more experience that had already developed a digital transformation strategy, that a clear advantage. Those institutions had accessed computers and high-speed connections, that their students became the right side of the digital divide. So, the issue revolved around specific issues.

How teaching the teachers?

In spite, online teaching tools were very easy to use. But in this new environment, not all the teachers motivated enough to make the effort to adapt to their classes but also they claimed the difficulties. However, in many institutions, at a high level of education where the teaching is not the priority, easy to found academics. In many institutions, doubtlessly there was a challenge for teachers to understand the importance of committing to education to their students.

What the infrastructure?

Online teaching is not something that you can do by balanced the laptop on your knees and with a poor connection. As well as, the new tools may be needed like quality microphones, chroma keys, and additional monitors to lighting fixtures. While many institutions were financed mush cost. An online class is produced while

the face-to-face class prepared, my experience is that it was like television that shows audience, the online classes with very same philosophies, and how was encouraged the students.

The Teaching model of conceptualizing

The online teaching required rethinking teaching methods for understanding and taking advantage of the possibilities of certain tools, it’s not simply reenacting a classroom session in front of a webcam. The information that we provided not became obsessed with the amount, to avoid boredom combining different methods, guests invited or shared burden and responsibility of learning with students. Moreover, the teachers who worked best in the classroom environment do not guarantee they must good in teaching online, so there are creating spaces that shared experience and help to developed skills.

The Long-term approach

Online teaching a poor substitute for the classroom and will result in tools and energy that will continue to be used when the pandemic is brought under control? yet not realized by most institutions and students. The web that allowed richer interactions, knowledge transmission may be better in this medium. Right now, the many students especially the business school students said that they will delay admission until next year if their school starts a course in online mode. Those of us who have been offering courses online are well aware that, online can result in important skill development that many companies will appreciate in the future. The online classes provide greater satisfaction than a classroom-based course.

The Flexibility

The online means acting with enough flexibility to re conceptualize all its elements bring by rethinking education. However, must be redesigned, the length of sessions can be changed assessment methodologies will evolve, interaction or class sizes will decrease. As well as, in an environment that had always been characterized by inertia, for relations with students or their parents, who will see changes that will require convincing explanations, this may be a problem for regulatory bodies.

However, some higher education institutions could be a disaster in this crisis, predicted by some analysts, they rethink their teaching methodologies will have to hook up with technology companies like hair care for men. The education had a lot to learn from technology too many institutions in the marketplace don’t meet the required standards for students. Honestly, I don’t think either would be bad news.

I believe that those who can develop more quickly, will tend to win, and who involve all stakeholders in the process, we will see an adjustment soon. I do after 30 years by knowing the market as dedicated to management education. Due to this pandemic education faces a severe challenge, but this is also an opportunity to get a lot of things right, that may be helpful in the future.