4 Beauties You Must Follow For Inspiration

Once people step out of their teenage, it’s pretty hard to decide between things. They are probably caught in the trap of living with their parents, and being completely independent. These are the exact situations where they need some inspiration to help them take the next step in their life.

And thankfully, in the present day world there is plethora of celebrities who have forged their path in fire to inspire people towards greatness.

It’s obviously a struggle to get through the whole graduation process, then picking a major, and finally applying it to a real life career. But there are these celebrities who have worked hard enough to achieve their goals, and didn’t stop till they made it to the top.

  • Emma Watson
    There isn’t a need of great descriptions while talking about this 26 year old girl. Emma Watson is tough to beat when it comes to inspiring people in their twenties. From the moment she made her first appearance on television as Hermione Granger, she has been people’s all-time favourite. And moreover this pretty girl has grown to be an actress, student, model, and an activist since her first appearance.
  • Taylor Swift
    This brave singer, and songwriter is more than a mere girl who whines every time she gets dumped. To all those who hurt her once, she gave her reply through her lyrics that blare in everyone’s music players, and mobile phones. Her hard work, and never-let-it-go attitude has earned her the spot as one among the best female performer of the generation. People have seen her transform from a sweet little country girl to a tough feminist with an impeccable fashion sense over the years.
  • Jennifer Lawrence
    Jennifer Lawrence should be known as the most inspiring celebrity of the year because, she was the first female actress to ever make an earning much higher than her male counterpart. She requires some applause as she had the balls to come out and demand for her rights. Something that most women out in the world forget to do.Jennifer Lawrence has taught women to not be quiet and graceful, rather to be strong and demand for what they deserved. People might call her a manner less whiny, but it was she who paved the way for women everywhere in the world.
  • Dakota Fanning
    When people get nominated for a hall monitor at the age of seven, Dakota Fanning was nominated for the SAG. She was the girl who had tried to perfect her talent in acting ever since she started walking. But don’t take her just for an accomplished actress, she is at the same time a model, and a NYU graduate. When people try to mug up things so as to fill their pockets, this girl did those both at the same time.She is an inspiration to all the people out there who are sitting in their sweatpants right now, and munching up something tasty.

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