5 Unique Ideas For Office Christmas Party

A plethora of perfectly understandable reasons can turn people anglophobic at the mere thought of office Christmas parties. Sometimes office Christmas parties provide people with the unique gift of socialising with people they wouldn’t want to otherwise. Sometimes it’s the party being cheap that affects the whole atmosphere of the party, or in other words the might be the soulless enough for people to remain bored and dull throughout.

Every office Christmas party doesn’t narrate a sad story. There are people with great memories of an amazing Christmas party walking the earth now. In fact, big budgets, and long mashed potato bars aren’t the elements that makes the office Christmas party a success. But it’s that hard work that people put into it which makes every Christmas party worth the while.

 Woodstock Themed Party

A blast from the past is all that the employees require to put on their party gears and get in to the party mood. Some formal woodstock imitation flyers would make a great invitation, remember to throw some symbols of the era around the room. Peace signs, flowers, heart and you name it.

Have a little fun, and let the employees wear some woodstock themed costumes, and play quite a few great music from the woodstock artists to bring in the perfect party mood. Put some traditional woodstock recipes on the table, and arrange for some fun, classic activities for entertainment.

 Movie Marathon

Movies are always everyone’s favourite free time entertainment. So this holiday throw the employees a movie marathon. Ask the employees to jot down their favourite movies, or the ones that they would like to watch, and arrange for a projector.

Asking the employees to arrive in their pajamas, and skippers would again be something funny, and entertaining. Gifts are always everyone’s favourite part of the holiday season. So before leaving or after they enter in, hand over some popcorn and candies wrapped in a gift box, or get some movie tickets for them to enjoy the next few days.

 The Ugly Betty

This traditional yet the biggest hits of all time Christmas party theme is perfectly funny, and adventurous. Ask all the employees to dive deeper into their closets to grab those ugliest looking sweaters, and attire.

For much more enthusiasm, and thrill hold a ugliest sweater contest, and reward the winner with a box of candies or nuts. The decor for this party can be Christmas themed with a mistletoe, tinsel, and some funny ornaments.

 Mystery/ Thriller

This party always comes as the last option in everyone’s list, as it requires much preparation than any other themes. But once everything’s done, the team is sure to appreciate the hard work that is put into it.

It’s both fun and intriguing to take part in a murder mystery party, and it is sure to remain in everyone’s heart for a long time.

 Hawaiian Summer Party

What’s better than being under the sun during the chilling months of Christmas.  The Hawaiian themed party involves a lots of flowers, food, and entertainment. Most importantly the food should include traditional Hawaiian cuisines, drinks.

The decor can be with tropical flowers, inflatable palm trees, animals, and milk waves.