51 Unisex Grab Bag Gift Ideas

While buying a gift for one person is hard enough, imagine having to purchase gifts for a bunch of them. Putting together a grab bag collection for all genders is not easy. You’ve got to think about different tastes, likes and dislikes, favorites, and most importantly, your budget.

You don’t want to overshoot your budget in the process of filling up the grab bag. Whether it is for an office party, Christmas holiday treat, or any other occasion, you want to collect gifts that are useful, quirky, funny, sweet, and less expensive. Be it for family, friends, or colleagues; you can give them these gifts without worrying about money.

To help you find a way, we’ve collected and compiled a list of 51 unisex grab bag gift ideas that are pocket-friendly and have the required cool quotient for the receivers to say wow. The list has no order of preference. Go ahead and pick the ones that catch your attention. Cheap doesn’t have to be boring or uninteresting.

  1. Potted Pen Phone Stand 

Sold by Kikkerland, this little phone and pen stand looks very much like a real plant. Yeah, we know it’s got fake and plastic leaves. But you’ve got to admit it looks cute among all the files and gadgets. Moreover, it doesn’t have to be watered to be kept green. This is mighty useful at the office where the person can put their pens/ pencils and the mobile phone in one place while adding some color to the décor.

  1. UCO Hundred Lumen LED Headlamp

A bright and compact headlamp with a colorful band is perfect for outdoor activities and adventures. The elastic band has a clasp so that it can be adjusted to fit any person. The lamp is water-resistant, has three levels of brightness (low, medium, high), and comes with 3 AAA batteries. One set of batteries lasts for around 6 hours of high intensity and 75 hours of low brightness. As it costs a little over $20, the headlamp makes a cool gift for anybody.

  1. Color Pencils in 50 Shades

You may not be able to add color to their life (literally), but you can help them do it themselves. This set of color pencils comes in 50 shades and is the best companion for a coloring book. Adult coloring books are famous because they help people relieve stress after a long day. This color pencils set might be just the gift they were waiting for to help pick up the habit of coloring and feel refreshed again. And if the person has kids, well, you’ve surely hit the jackpot with this gift.

  1. Rose Kuli Smart Food Cutter

Kitchen gadgets are always a good gift idea. One can never have too many of them. But this piece is definitely a must-have for everyone who has to cook. The smart cutter is a 6-in-1 device that can cut, slice, peel, carve, and also act as a cutting board. Surprised? This handy item can be used not just for cutting and peeling but also as a bottle opener and a fish scaler. The flat surface on one side can be used as a cutting board when you’re in a hurry. The blades are stainless steel, and the grip is silicone. There’s no fear of it rusting or slipping through the fingers.

  1. Succulent Plants

We talked about fake grass earlier. Now, it’s time for the real ones. Succulents are those tiny and adorable plants that hardly need any care. They stay green and happy indoors with minimum water for nourishment. Succulents are sweet gifts that will make anyone happy. Home or office, these plants don’t take up much space. You can even have one on your office desk. Just remind them not to add too much water. That’s the only thing these plants cannot survive.

  1. Mkono Succulent Planters

You might know how easy it is to replant succulents. If someone else has already picked up succulents, you can go ahead and grab these planters. The pots are made of cement and painted with minimal yet classy patterns that will look good anywhere. Whether the person has a bright and cheerful home or a classy single tone/ dual-tone office room, these pots will fit right in and add to the charm.

  1. Voluspa Baltic Amber Embossed Glass Jar Candle

This exotic glass jar holds a large candle that can burn for up to 100 hours. It releases a heavenly fragrance of sandalwood, amber resin, and vanilla orchid. Also, the candle is free of Phthalates, parabens, and sulfate and has natural coconut wax blend with a natural wick. Available for less than $30, this is a lovely grab bag gift idea that will please any person.

  1. Fifth Sun NASA Logo T-Shirt

This is a classic grey tee with the NASA logo on the chest. You can get the same in black color for all genders and sizes. The material is 100% pure cotton and can be washed in the machine. It feels soft and cozy to wear and looks simple and stylish on anyone. They can pair it with their favorite pants and spend the weekend relaxing or partying.

  1. Zombie Wash-off Face Pack

Now don’t go by the name. The ace pack doesn’t turn one into a zombie. It just does the opposite. This wash-off face pack kit has eight mask sets (powder plus activator) and comes with a handy brush to apply the mask. The person needs to sit with this pack on for 15 minutes, and voila! It helps hydrate the skin, removes dead cells, tightens large pores, cleans acne and breakouts, balances pH level, and brightens the skin tone.

  1. When in Rome- Travel Trivia Game

This is an Alexa powered game, so you’ll have to keep that in mind when using it as a grab bag gift item. This game doesn’t need anybody to read out the rules or keep tabs on the score. Alexa will do it all and take them on a rollicking and entertaining ride across the globe. And guess what? It’s an award-winning game as well. That’s sure to make people interested.

  1. FIBO Steel Personalized Cufflinks and Tie Clips

The steel cufflinks are sleek, trendy, and stylish. They come in a soft velvet pouch and make a useful gift item under $15. Suitable for all occasions, you can get initials engraved on them if you like. The best part is that these steel cufflinks look good with any suit.

  1. Andy Warhol Happy Socks- Pack of 4

The name, happy socks, says it all. These are colorful, cheerful, and super cute with cartoons on colorful checkered-patterns. This is one of the best unisex grab bag gift ideas. Suitable for men and women, the gift box has four pairs of different designs and patterns. They are comfortable, cozy, and great for cool evenings. Simply throw them into the washing machine for a wash.

  1. AmuseND USB Air Humidifier

This is a portable air humidifier that can be used anywhere to add some moisture to the dry weather. Charge it once (using the USB) and use it for a long time. It has an auto-shutdown mode so that the device stops working automatically after 4 hours. It’s silent and does its job effectively by keeping the skin hydrated in dry weather conditions. And, the device comes in different models. Make sure to add water to the tank for it to work.

  1. Eparé Pocket Wine Aerator

Wouldn’t it be awesome to carry a wine aerator to parties or picnics? This is a small battery-operated device that takes less than 15 seconds to aerate a glass of wine and add flavor to it. It has three modes, each suitable for white, red, and port wine. The device comes with two AAA batteries. Add oxygen to the insipid glass of wine to make it flavorful and tasty.

  1. Grindstore Lima Llama Trinket Dish

This is a cutesy ceramic trinket dish with a lovely llama standing in the center. Everyone has those small items that keep missing and slipping into the dark corners of the drawers or cupboards. With this dish, they can keep them all together in one place and use them whenever needed. Since the dish is as cute, it’ll look good on any dressing table or shelf.

  1. Mindful Travel Journal

It is a fun journal for those planning to travel or go on a trip to other parts of the world. It has ‘prompts’ for the person to write their thoughts and ideas about the places they visit. By writing down where they are that minute, they can keep anxiety at bay, even if they happen to take the wrong route. And at the end of the journey, the journal will be filled with wonderful memories and insights.

  1. Pixnor Facial Cleansing Brush

This is a waterproof facial cleansing brush and is available with seven different removable heads for different kinds of cleaning purposes. Are you worried it’s going to expensive? Let’s give you some good news. This brush comes for less than $25. Yes! With seven available colors, it’s unproblematic to pick a neutral color suitable for everyone. It has two-speed settings, and the heads can be used to get rid of makeup, excess oil, blackheads, dead skin, and milia. The brush runs on two AA batteries.

  1. Kate Spade New York ID Clip

This black and cream, polka dot ID holder comes with a gold-colored key ring and a hook. It can be clipped to the belt, bags, or handbag for easy access. The person can keep their ID cards (driving license, travel card, office ID, etc.) in this one. Imagine giving this to someone who is always misplacing and losing their ID cards. Wouldn’t it be the best gift idea?

  1. World’s Smallest Rubik’s Cube by Super Impulse

Rubik cubes are quite common. Everyone has tried them at least once in their lifetime. So what’s special about this one? The title says it all. This is a teeny Rubik’s cube measuring 0.7 inches on all sides. To put it simply, the Rubik’s cube is the size of a die. Isn’t that really small? Yes. That’s the specialtiy of this one. Moreover, it isn’t for just decoration purposes. The person can actually solve this and try to complete the puzzle.

  1. Travelambo Travel Wallet

This travel wallet is the best option to hold a passport, credit cards, cash, and other essential items like a pen or a pencil. It can be folded to form a simple wallet that fits in the palm. The wallet is available for $10 and comes in a multitude of colors. Also, it can block RFID 13.56MHz frequency used for passports and credit cards.

  1. BUBM Compact Case for Ear Buds and Chargers

Every one of us has trouble keeping the earbuds and phone chargers free of tangles. Not anymore. This compact case by BUBM has been specially designed to hold phone charger, power pack, USB cords, and earbuds neatly in place. The person can also use it to store some cash or credit cards when traveling.

  1. Touchscreen Gloves by Agloves

A good pair of gloves is a useful gift for anybody. Now let’s make them more useful. These touchscreen gloves are priced less than $15 and have good accuracy. The person doesn’t make to remove gloves to use their phone and end up freezing their fingers. They can stay warm and still use a mobile phone.

  1. Pizza Cutter and Server by Royal Home

A stainless pizza cutter than can also be used as a server sounds like a perfect little gift for the grab bag. Costing around $20, this is useful for anyone who loves pizza. That includes just about everyone, doesn’t it? Use the cutter round blade to cut the pizza, and pick it up with the triangle part. Serve pizza in style. So what if you’ve ordered it from outside?

  1. Tile Pro Combo Pack

This is a cute combo pack of key finders that helps the person keep their keys together in one place. Connect the Tile Pro with the smartphone using the app. Tap on the app to locate the tile pro in case it goes missing. This is a godsend gift for people who are masters at misplacing keys. We know they don’t do it intentionally.

  1. Mini Nano Bluetooth Speaker

A tiny portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that fits in the pocket and costs less than $15 is one of the best unisex grab bag gift ideas. It connects with Apple, Samsung, and other smartphones and tablets. Once charged, it can play for up to 8 hours. It takes two hours to charge the speaker. The sound clarity is decent, and so is the volume.

  1. Collapsible Water Bottle by Que

What do you think about a lightweight, silicone, water bottle that can be folded as required? Impressive, right? The person can carry it anywhere and fold it into a smaller size as the liquid inside is consumed. Furthermore, a half-folded bottle can fit in the pocket or a handbag with ease. This collapsible water bottle comes in 10 colors and is a thoughtful gift idea for a grab bag.

  1. Flavored Chocolate Fondue

What’s better than chocolate? Belgian chocolate fondue, of course! Imagine a jar full of flavored chocolate that can be heated in the microwave and used as a dip. Well, you can simply scoop out the melted gooey chocolate and eat it. The jars retain the heat for an hour. They can be re-heated again when required. But whoever saved chocolate for the next day? You can get the fondue in dark chocolate, coffee (Espresso), and raspberry flavors. We are sure you’ll be picking a jar for yourself too.

  1. Desktop Charging Stand for Smartphones

Available in 4 shades (grey, silver, gold, and rose gold), this charging stand is made from aluminum. It has a secure grip and can hold most smartphones, including iPhone, Samsung, and more. The person is going to love this convenient and useful gift. It’ll make things so easy for them. There’s no need to leave the phone on random surfaces anymore.

  1. Scratch Off Posters

Scratch –off posters are creative and attractive gifts that come within the budget. They also serve the purpose of helping the person keep track of things they like. You can choose a scratch-off poster for various topics and themes such as movies, books, travel places, date ideas, and many more.

  1. Set of Chilling Whiskey Rocks

Can you give someone a useful and thoughtful gift in less than $10? Definitely! This set of 9 chilling rocks is excellent for anyone who loves a glass or two of whiskey after a tiring day. Since these are made using pure and natural soapstone, the cubes are smooth and do not scratch or damage the glass. The person only has to put them in the freezer and drop one or two into their whiskey glass. The chilled rocks will keep the drink cold without watering it down or changing the taste.

  1. 3-in-1 Charging Hub

Manufactured and sold by Elago, this charging set sits well on the bedside stand. The person can charge their iPhone, Airpods, and Apple Watch at once. There’s no need to use three slots to charge them individually. The stand is sturdy and holds the devices in place. It can also be carried while traveling.

  1. Portable Charger by Jackery

A sleek portable charger is always welcome as a grab bag gift. Who doesn’t need this device in today’s world? The cords are built into the charger so that you don’t have to worry about tangled cords. Once charged, the portable charger can be used twice to charge the mobile phone fully. The person who gets this gift is going to thank you for choosing something as useful.

  1. Jetsetter Canvas Tote Bag

This cream tote bag comes with simple, yet catchy print and can be carried anywhere and everywhere. It holds a good deal of items, making it easy for the person to carry their purchases or supplies from one place to another. It does the job of a reusable bag while managing to look attractive.

  1. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

If you want to give a gift that saves time and helps people, this breakfast sandwich maker is the right choice. Costing around $20, this sandwich maker is easy to use and clean. The person has to add their favorites in the slots provided and turn on the device. It’ll cook delicious sandwiches as they try to get ready for work on time.

  1. Toothpick Dispenser by FRED

Isn’t this a cute walrus? And look at that toothpick poking out of its head. Funny, right? This toothpick dispenser by FRED is a smart gift for a person who likes to use toothpicks. They can keep it on the office desk or hide it in the drawer. Be at home or office; this little buddy will make them smile.

  1. ThirtyStone White Marble Coasters

A set of 4 coasters may not seem like a big deal. But take a look at these beauties. As it is made of white marble with gold finish on the edges, the coaster comes in square and round shapes. If the person likes things that look antique, this coaster set is sure to make them happy. Classy and exquisite, the coasters will act as table decorators as well.

  1. Portable Water Filter Tube

Sold by LifeStraw, this is a single filter, a portable water purifier that cleans up to 1000 liters of water. While this gift is a boon for travelers and adventurers, people who worry about drinking water in unknown or new locations will also find it very useful. It costs less than $20 and fits your budget easily.

  1. A Year of Mindfulness: A 52-Week Guided Journal to Cultivate Peace and Presence

Can you find a thoughtful gift under $5? Yes, you can. This journal by Jennifer Raye is a beautiful book with prompts that will help you look at the world around you from a different perspective. The person can write down their thoughts beside each prompt in the space provided. It is a nice way to align one’s priorities in life and maintain a positive outlook.

  1. Pinzon Mulberry Pillowcase

Made of 100 percent silk, this pillowcase is pure heaven. The pillowcase comes with a zipper for closing it after placing the pillow inside. It needs to be washed by hand to retain the ultra-soft texture that will keep your hair free from getting fizzed and also provide a good night’s sleep. A silk pillowcase is good for the skin too. It’s an innovative and lovely gift item.

  1. Book and Magazine Subscription for 3 Months

If you have readers in your circle, you’ll know that nothing makes them happier than books. While gifting books is a wonderful idea, you cannot always be sure that the person will like and read the one you chose. So instead of taking the risk, simply go for a book or magazine subscription card for three months (or one month) depending on your budget.

  1. W&P Carry on Cocktail Kit

This is undeniably one of the best unisex grab bag gift ideas. For less than $20, you can give the person a stylish cocktail kit they can carry anywhere. It is TSA approved and has all the necessary items required to make cocktails tastier. And if the person loves to mix up their drinks, this gift is going to make them super happy.

  1. Cold Beer Coats

Why should only humans wear jackets? It doesn’t seem fair for beer cans to go around without a coat. Take a look at these adorable puffer coats with hands, exclusively made for beer cans. For people who are worried that their beer turns warm before they finish it, this beer can coat makes a neat gift. Why don’t you grab one for yourself as well?

  1. 2-in-1 Cell Phone Lens

Sometimes, the camera of a smartphone is not enough to take the kind of pictures one needs. These additional lenses will act as extensions to take clear and wonderful images by minimizing shadows and reflections. The attachment comes in black color as well. And when they are available for less than $20, there is no need to hesitate about making the purchase.

  1. Contigo Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug

What can be the best grab bag gift around $15-$20? An insulated travel mug is sure to be the top answer. Anybody who likes to take a sip of hot beverages when commuting will find this very helpful. The auto-seal ensures that not even a drop of the inside liquid will spill out, no matter how the bottle is turned or tossed in the bag.

  1. Cookies and Milk Dunky Cup

Cookies and milk are a classic combination. But there will be times when we feel too lazy to carry a cup and a plate. That’s where this Dunky cup comes to the rescue. It’s a four-slot cup with three slots for three cookies and one slot for milk. The handle makes it easy to hold the cup in one hand and enjoy the cookies with another. This gift is suitable for kids and adults.

  1. B5 Reusable Smart Notebook

Sold by KYSTORE, this is a reusable smart notebook with 60 pages. It comes with a pen and an eraser. It can be used up to 500 times. The text can also be erased by blowing hot air on it. People who have a habit of making notes and tearing them afterward will love this one. It’s an environment-friendly gift you can give to someone.

  1. Stainless Drinking Straws

This is yet another thoughtful gift under $5. The extra-long stainless steel straws set has eight straws in it along with a cleaning brush. If the person is environmentally conscious and avoids disposable plastic straws, this is a fab gift for them. It also shows that you too care for the environment and want to save animals from getting injured by plastic straws carelessly thrown everywhere.

  1. Mini Essential Oil Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser doubles as a humidifier as well. Costing around $18, it sits well in any location and releases soothing fragrances into the surroundings. For people who like to have their homes and offices smelling nice and relieving them of the daily stress, this diffuser will be a much-appreciated gift.

  1. Bed Buddy Heated Slippers

If the person works long on their feet, these foot warmers are a lovely gift to give. The slippers are reusable and can be heated in a microwave. They look more like pouches for you to tuck your feet in and relax as the heat from them eases the pain away. The slippers also release a pleasant aroma of lavender. They come in three colors- purple, blue, and pink.

  1. Warming Joy Tea Sampler Set

Sold by Tea Forte, this gift set has 10 assorted tea bags shaped like a pyramid. The flavors include winter chai, raspberry ganache, spiced ginger plum, etc. and such warm and cozy festive varieties. The gift box looks lovely in white and red, adding to the festive touch. The teabags are easy to use, and the tea tastes delicious.

  1. Ajiri Coffee Beans for a Better World

Grown in Kenya on a small farm in the Kisii region, the coffee doesn’t just taste wonderful but also helps the local women create better lives for their children and orphans. The coffee beans are sold in bags that come with removable art pieces, hand-painted by the local women. The money from sales goes to fund underprivileged children’s education in Kenya. It would be such a splendid feeling to help makes lives better, even indirectly.


The best thing about coming up with unisex grab bag gift ideas is that there is no limit to the number of items you can choose. Besides the ones discussed above, you can go for handmade natural soaps, earrings with names, cocktail shakers, maps, fuzzy slippers, etched wine glasses, etc. Pick whichever ones you like that fit within your budget and make grab bag gifts innovative and beneficial.