7 Hacks For Budget Shopping


Shopping is something that many of us enjoy whether it is shopping of books, clothes, bags, groceries etc. is usually based on our taste. But any kind of shopping needs money especially when you consider the increasing price rates of many products and if you do the calculation more than half your salary won’t be enough for a day’s shopping splurge.

To save some money and enjoy shopping here I am sharing my tried 7 simple Hacks or tricks for budget shopping:

  1. Have a pre-planned budget : Like having a finish line during a running race, keep a limit to your shopping expenditure with your budget in mind before you go out for shopping. This will give a limit under which you have to shop thereby automatically limiting your shopping spree to all you need and you save money. Pre-plans warn your brain when you are about to exceed your budget limit, but the down point of budget pre-planning is that it includes a lot of mathematical calculation.
  2. Go the timeless way : Fashion, electronics etc. change with the changing trend and advancing technology therefore whatever you buy will become outdated within a month of buying. Hence it is always good to go the timeless way by buying clothes, electronics etc. that are always in trend like jeans, this ensures that you are trendy without spending money because in trend products cost more.
  3. Buy multi-use products : This hack mainly applies to fashion products like clothes that cost a pretty penny but adds unique panache to you. So when you buy clothes it is highly suggested that you buy clothes that can be matched with others rather than buying a whole outfit that costs too much like plain shirt, pair of jeans etc.
  4. Splurge on sales : Whether you are going to shop in person or going to shop online, it is always good to wait for the sale season because you will have a wider choice of products at reasonable prices. And if you buy in bulk you can get some reward points as well which will increase the percentage of sale. But make sure to try on the product and check the reviews before you buy them.
  5. Online Shopping hack : This hack is specially for online shopping, so when you are shopping online simply add the products into the cart, keep a screenshot of the cart, leave it like that and when the shopping platform offers discount, check your cart the product must be of discounted price now. This simple budget shopping hack is very useful.
  6. Buy in bulk : Buying little at a time may feel like saving money but on the contrary just the VAT charges make your shopping costly, so when you buy in bulk the VAT charges will be well worth the purchase. Also, buying in bulk comes with great discounts most of the times.
  7. Make use of gift cards : We sometimes get gift cards with credit shopping, debit shopping, online mail etc. but many just ignore them. Make sure you use these gift cards to enjoy discounts.

Have a great shopping experience by applying these simple hacks.