7 Hollywood Stars Who Are Seriously Addicted To Coffee

We would have probably been a teenager when we first started our affection towards coffee. It is a great thing to know that there are plenty of people out there who shares your addiction to the soothing elixir, even Hollywood celebrities.

We have always seen numerous shots of our favourite celebrities having their daily cup of coffee to relive their stress after an eighteen-hour-long shoot. However, there is a list of Hollywood celebrities who have openly revealed their love for this heavenly drink.

  1. Jerry Seinfeld

The NPR Science desk has brought together a series named ‘Coffee Week’ that talks all about the world’s favourite bean. Recently, Seinfeld had shared with the world his new found obsession towards the show. He even has a web series on his own named ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’.

All of his recent confessions when reading together with his daily life reveal nothing but his love for coffee. This standout quote from his series further proves the motion.

“I think the answer is we all need a little help, and the coffee’s a little help with everything”

  1. David Letterman

“But if it weren’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever. So that’s what we have here.”

The above words rolled off Letterman’s tongue after he confessed about his habit of consuming way too much coffee during an interview with the Esquire in 1994. He even engaged in a candid conversation with Jerry Seinfeld in his web series ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’.

What else do we need to prove Letterman’s obsession for coffee, after all, coffee is powerful when it comes to capturing hearts.

  1. Jackie Chan

Well, it appears that Mr Chan does have a knack for coffee. In 2006, Chan had planned on opening a chain of coffee shops all around Asia. During a press release, he announced, “Coffee, like music and movies, knows no barriers. Coffee is also a language in itself. When you watch my movies, you think of Jackie Chan. When you drink coffee, I hope you will also think Jackie Chan.”

Now that makes a pretty decent statement. Now how many of you guys think of Jackie Chan when you have your daily dose of coffee?

  1. Ariana Grande
Source: www.nme.com

Ariana Grande once had to face a really important coffee question once during an interview. The question goes like this, “Does she always order a grandly-sized drink at Starbucks?”

Her answer was pretty simple and right to the point. She replied, “No, sometimes I get that venti, you know? Some days that’s what you need in your life… I love soy lattes. Obviously, I don’t have dairy because I’m a vegan, but they taste out of this world to me.”

This Hollywood girl proved her love for coffee with just an amazing answer.

  1. Stacy London
Source: cnn.com

London revealed her love for coffee on Woman’s Day. She talked about the way she starts her day with almost about 7 pints of coffee. Now that was almost a sincere revelation but her words just drove the coffee lovers crazy.

You could always think that it isn’t blood that runs through London’s body that keeps her energetic all throughout but her 7 pints of coffee. Now, who is up for a challenge to drink 8 pints of coffee right after you wake up?

  1. Hugh Jackman

Jackman’s love for coffee is driving the world towards a better tomorrow. His brainchild – “Laughing Man Coffee Foundation” was made to support development programs for communities around the world.

“An influx of Italian immigrants after World War II ensured that — we probably had the word cappuccino about 20 years before America. Cafe culture is really big for Aussies. We like to work hard, but we take our leisure time seriously.”

This was his words to Redbook and it unfurls how much of a coffee lover he is. The foundation specifically supports coffee growers so that we could have our daily dose throughout our lifetime.

  1. David Lynch

The cult series Twin Peaks is better known among us coffee lovers for its many coffee references. And Lynch couldn’t keep his love for coffee hidden for long. He wrote a complete blog post about his favourite drink for Huffington Post’s obsessed column.

A snippet from the blog post goes like this.

“I am pretty much obsessed with coffee. I’ve been drinking coffee on a regular basis since I was in the ninth grade… Maybe there’s not an idea in every bean, but for me, there are many good ideas hiding in coffee… Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.

Coffee is well a universal drink. What’s better than a cup of coffee to start and end your day of hard work?

Coffee in itself does much more than soothing and calming yourself. Researchers say that coffee has the ability to prevent 2 types of diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver diseases and even liver cancer. Coffee is as good as it tastes for your body too.

About three cups of coffee per day is believed to stave off Alzheimer’s disease for older adults who experience memory declines. On a healthy note, coffee contains zero calories as long as you drink it black.


Prepare Your Cup of Coffee At Home

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