8 Christmas Hairstyles You’ll Love To Try

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/418201515369508265/

Thanksgiving is in less than one week, and this means that Christmas is not far behind.  You are probably already figuring out where the tree is going to go, you have likely picked out a fabulous Christmas party outfit, too.  But what about the hair?  If you are anything like me around the holidays, then figuring out what to do with your tresses is one of the most frustrating things to try and figure out.  But don’t worry! Here are some fool-proof and completely stylish Christmas hairstyles you will absolutely love to try this year!

1. The Traditional Curls

source: Pinterest: http://www.hairstyle.guru/15-summery-blonde-balayage-looks-for-brunettes/

There is nothing quite like the traditional elegance of curls cascading around your shoulders. This is the perfect go-to when you’re low on time and need something simple yet classy. Classic curls with compliment any outfit, any complexion, and any jaw line.  It doesn’t matter if you have long, medium, or shorter hair… this timeless style is guaranteed to make heads turn your way.

2. A Simple Chignon

Source: Pinterest: https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/luluscom-fashion-blog-4129471/lulus-how-to-simple-chignon-hair-tutorial-4449911755

A chignon bun is easy and very classy chic, and is one of the perfect Christmas hairstyles.  It’s a wonderful day-to-night look for  your busy schedule – from the office to the kitchen to the party.

3. Fishtail Half-Up Do

Source: Pinterest https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/6f/89/08/6f8908a09167e6cc64c9b22da61b4153.jpg

If you are trying to avoid the age-old go-to of the half up do but don’t know a lot of styles, just try changing it up a little! For a festive, wintry look, fishtail the sides of your hair before pulling it back in place. It isn’t time consuming and it’s a Christmas worthy way of reinventing the half-up do.

4. The Mermaid Braid Pony

Source: Pinterest http://stylendesigns.com/14-hairstyles-that-men-find-irresistible/

Pony tails are the easiest pulled back hairstyle in the world and is common everywhere.  What’s a super easy yet really Christmas-chic way of doing the pony?  Mermaid braid! Start braiding at the top on one side and continue the  whole strand down to the ends.  Then pull each of the sides out for an under-the-sea style, and pull it back with the rest of your hair in a pony tail.  Simple, easy, and Christmas party ready!

5. High Bun With Bow

Source: Pinterest http://www.glamourparis.com/mode/mariage/diaporama/50-accessoires-cheveux-pour-un-mariage/32972

Another easy and fool-proof style is a high sock-bun.  It’s the perfect day-to-night look and very chic.  Add a glittery gold, red, or silver bow for an adorable feminine Christmas look!

6. Crown Braid

Source: Pinterest https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/00/7/e6/007be6080b3f4de881b432c0751e4f54.jpg

Crown braids are back! And they are all the rage for Winter Christmas parties. It adds a lovely whimsical style to your look that is sure to gain lots of compliments. For an extra touch? Slid a decorative hair comb in place on the       side for an extra holiday sparkle!

7. Braid-To-Low-Bun

Source: Pinterest http://www.ehow.com/clips/21602820/

This is not only my favorite low bun tutorial, but also my all-time favorite braid-to-bun! Not only is this beautiful style easy to do, but it is so sophisticated everyone will ask how you did it. Better yet, this style is more                    than perfect for Christmas! You’ll love it so much you will be doing this every day.

8. Last But Not Least… Decorate!

Sources: Pinterest https://www.etsy.com/listing/202991906/grecian-leaf-hair-pins-gold-leaf-bobby?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share

My favorite and most common tip of all is ornaments! No, not Christmas tree ornaments… hair ornaments. A decorative comb, a sparkly headband, a whimsical pin, or a silver flower can add just the perfect final touch to an        already fabulous style.  Be creative! There are so many perfect Christmas hair décor items in stores near you.

Have fun trying out all these simple, chic, and fabulous Christmas hairstyles and don’t forget to share them on social media.  Merry Christmas!