9 Fitness Apps That Keep You Motivated

high-intensity-interval-trainingFitness in this fast paced and technology friendly place is quite hard so the best solution for this is getting a fitness app that will help count your calories, inform you about the daily nutrition need and much more. Such fitness apps will make your journey towards fitness more easy and hassle free, so here I give you 9 fitness apps that will keep you motivated


  1. Hot5 Fitness

This fitness app offers great quality workouts led by some of the best trainers. Step by step instructions of the exercise are available making the exercises very easy to understand. Many exercise types like yoga, abs, core etc. are available so you can choose the one you need. Free version of the app is limited therefore you need play to get unlimited access.

  1. Pact

This app was previously known as GymPact and it uses money as incentive. This app makes the users pledge a certain amount of money and gives them a few days to complete the tasks, for each day they fail they will have to pay the money. This app is also linked with another similar app but for nutrition instead.

  1. Cody

This cool app can be called the Facebook for fitness as it allows the user to connect to the fitness community. This not only motivates the user but also allows him/her to swap ideas and tips. The timeline of the app allows you to track your progress. But this app is available only for iOS devices.

  1. LoseIt

This app is specially intended for users looking to lose weight as it creates a great yet simple weight loss plan. Loseit is perfect for fast paced life where consulting a trainer throughout the day is not possible. From your calorie intake to the nutrition needed this app will help the user always. It can be downloaded in Kindle, Nook, iOS and Android.

  1. Moves

This app has functions quite similar to that of a pedometer. It tracks your daily steps and the amount of calories it burns thereby allowing the users to track their calories. Moves app is recommended for users who are looking to lose weight.

  1. Mindshift

This fitness app targets to aid users struggling with anxiety as it provides different advice and suggestion to reduce the anxiety levels. By reducing anxiety levels we reduce stress thereby avoiding many health issues. This app is freely available in iOS and Android devices.

  1. Human

This app has a simple approach towards fitness as it encourages the users to practice 30 minute physical activity daily and also allows you to plan your diet according to you taste or preference. Human app is available in iOS devices for free.

  1. Healthy out

This app provides the users with nutritional and healthy options available in your favorite establishments. For the app to do its work you just need to add you favorite place and the rest the app will do. So you can enjoy food at your favorite restaurant without fear of spoiling your health. Health out app can be downloaded in Android and iOS devices for free.

  1. Noom weight loss coach

This fitness app is the fusion of a nutrition coach and a pedometer that allows users to log in their daily activity. It provides positive encouragement as well as nutritional recipes. This app is available for free in Android and iOS devices.

Lead a healthy life with the help of these simple apps.