Apple Pencil for iPad Pro: Pros and Cons


On Mar 21, 2016 at an Apple event the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro was introduced. In the past 8 quarters the iPad sales have dropped quite a bit and this tablet was an attempt to increase these statistics. The Apple Pencil for iPad pro was introduced as a medium of sprucing up the whole outlook of the iPad pro and also to make it more user friendly.

Many have the misconception that the Apple Pencil is just a substitute for finger touch but this Pencil’s pressure sensitive touch will help you to paint, draw, achieve natural writing, realistic illustrations etc. on the iPad pro. This tool is very much beneficial for handwriting applications, designs, graphics, architecture designs etc.



  • Beautiful design and build quality – The Apple Pencil is eerily similar to a common pencil therefore making it quite easy for you to adapt various drawing techniques. This stylus is super-fast thereby keeping up the illusion of it being a common pencil as it will run without any lag. The light weight of the tool also aids in easy use. It has a sleek design and works smoothly against the iPad pro.


  • Stellar sensors – Apple Pencil is equipped with sensors that can detect angle as well as the pressure you are using the stylus at thus allowing you to make line of different thicknesses with ease. The tip of the pencil has two sensors and the iPad pro will keep track of them so that the angle and orientation can be worked out.


  • Varity of uses – This tool allows realistic drawing, shading and stellar writing without any lags making it suitable for people of various fields.


  • Ignores wrist and palm touches – The iPad pro works for both hand touches and Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil knows to ignore wrist and palm touches thereby making it quite easy to use.


  • Quick charging – You must plug your Apple Pencil to the iPad pro for charging and with its quick charging feature you can use the tool for more than an hour with only a few minutes of charging and a fully charged pencil can be used for more than 12 hours. This makes the Apple Pencil a great companion during journeys.


  • Not ideal charging – You must plug the Apple Pencil into the iPad pro’s Lightning Port thus making it quite tricky to use the iPad pro when the pencil is getting charged because it sticks on the side thus making it very tricky to use the iPad pro’s smart keyboard. There is also a tiny Lightning Adapter you can use to charge your pencil with an iPad or iPhone.


  • Cost – Apple Pencil is quite pricey even if you don’t include the iPad pro making it a costly purchase that you may not use that often.


  • Useless without iPad pro – Apple Pencil is specially designed for the iPad pro, so without the device the pencil is useless.

Overall the Apple Pencil has familiar yet impressive design making it very easy to use. But only individuals who have iPad pro and are comfortable with the clunky charging must invest the money on the tool. It is highly recommended for designers and artists while other can get better stylus elsewhere.