Best Eyeshadow Colors For Winter 2016


Winter is the coldest season of the year, and it is a season that brings the most joy to our hearts. The sun shines bright, and there is a cold chill in the air. It is a season to party and visit loved ones. The say “image is everything” and “Your eyes are the windows to your heart”.  This winter make your eyes pop out by using the right eyeshadow.

Why use eye shadow?


Eyeshadows make your eyes more attractive and stand out. It also adds dimension to your eyes and draws attention to your eyes.

To get the right eyeshadow can be overwhelming. Here are some options to help you get the best eye shadow colors for this winter.

1. Beige

You can blend the natural beige and warm beige. The natural beige is perfect for inner corners of the eye. To brighten your eyes use the warm beige from the middle to the outer area. The beige duo gives you a fresh look and natural look. Beige eyeshadow goes well with brown eyes.

2. Green


Do you want heads to turn? Go for sparkling green color. The gleaming green eye shadow pairs well with brown, black and hazel eyes. To blend the color you can wear a black dress. If your hair color is med brown,black-brown, steel grey and pepper, green eyeshadow is for you.

3. Fuchsia Pink


The Fushia Pink will give you gorgeous look this winter. If your skin tone is like that of Alek Wek, America Ferrera, Eva Longoria, Hellen Mirren or Lucy Liu, Fuchsia Pink is ideal for you. These pink goes with black, black brown and dark hazel eyes.

4. Icy Pink


Want a more natural look? Go for  Icy Pink eyeshadow. The Shimmer pink brightens the eyes. If you have blue, violet or charcoal eye color, this is for you. The icy pink suits deep ash, blue-black, silver, gold and red hair color. If you are of light complexion like very pale beige, pale beige, pale olive and rosy, this suits you.

5. Brown

eyeshadow brown

Brown is versatile. Every girl should have a brown eyeshadow. Brown eye shadow suits daytime or evening events. Brown gives a natural look and compliments any outfit. If your complexion is black, dark brown, olive, beige, and pale beige, brown eyeshadow is for you. Brown eyeshadow goes well with black, black brown and dark hazel eyes.

6. White


Do you want a metallic look? Have a shade of white eyeshadow. White eye shadow will pop up your eye area giving your eyes a clean and bright look.  It makes your eyes look bigger and wide awake.  You can choose the white metallic with glitters or without glitters. White eyeshadow suits all skin types and eyes.

This winter the ultimate look begins with you. Experiment with the different colors and get out that fab look.

Useful tips

  • Choose the right texture of eyeshadow. It comes in powder, cream, pencil form.
  • Choose the right eye shadow color for your skin tone
  • Match your eye shadow with your outfit
  • Try different colors until you get what suits you
  • Do your research on what is in the market
  • Apply eye shadow in line with the occasion