Best home remedies for obesity, tension and headache

obesityThese days obesity, tension, headaches and other such similar physical symptoms have become quite common among people. The reasons for this are numerous. First of all technology has made it possible for us to go through our lives without making any significant physical efforts. Cars and lifts have removed the need for walking and using stairs. Instead of playing outdoor games that allow them a chance to exercise, people prefer indoor pastimes. Tension and headaches can be attributed to our stress filled lifestyles and our chokingly full schedules. The three problems obesity, tension and headaches are quite common and a significant portion of the population is affected by such maladies, making for a cause of concern as they are affecting a sizeable portion of the modern day population.

Obesity is one of the most common health related problem in the modern day world. From children to full grown adults, this problem affects them all. The reason behind obesity is simple. People nowadays consume more calories than they burn and the extra calories are deposited as fat in their bodies. When the deposited fat increases beyond a certain limit the person is called obese. The good news is that obesity can be countered or at least be controlled by using simple home-made techniques.

Processed sugar contains a lot of calories. Instead of using sugar you should instead opt for healthier low fat alternatives like raw honey. A glass of lukewarm water in the morning before starting the day helps too. Going out for a brisk walk is also quite beneficial as it allows you to burn up some extra calories. Instead of taking three heavy meals a day you should eat short portions at frequent intervals. Natural edibles like fruits and veggies should be preferred as they have a low fat content, studies have shown that this increases our metabolism and helps our body consume more calories thus reducing the deposition of fat. Using the stairs instead of the lift and taking a walk instead of using the car, are simple alternatives that keep us healthier reducing the risk of obesity. Obesity is generally measured by calculating the body mass index (BMI). In this method the weight of an individual is divided by his/her height, which provides us with a BMI index.

Tension and headaches are somewhat related to each other. These maladies are primarily caused by our highly stressful lifestyles and bulging workloads. Doing some yoga or indulging in meditation helps in combating stress. Drinking lots of water is necessary too, as it helps remove toxins and impurities from our body. Instead of using caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee, which are highly addictive, herbal alternatives like green tea and fruit juice should be consumed. Light exercises like walking, jogging and yoga asanas are not only beneficial for tension and headaches but they also help in controlling obesity. Countering obesity is very necessary as obese persons are liable to suffer from further complications due to their condition. The complications generally consist of heart and breathing problems.

A slight change in our lifestyle can make it healthy and joyful. The lifestyle followed by parents is embraced by their children, and then followed by next generation. It’s never late, pass on a healthy and lively lifestyle to your children.