Men’s Vintage Leather Jackets

A vintage leather jacket is a must in every man’s wardrobe, leather jackets are a symbol of style and unique taste and not to forget that they are so sexy making its wearer also sexy.

leather jacket

Leather Jackets have been in style for a very long time and will probably remain so in the future, as they never go out of style and can be worn in all seasons. A vintage leather jacket gives a man a sexy badass look with a touch of class making it suitable for men of various tastes. So here I give you some of my favorite men’s vintage leather jackets

vintage leather jackets


  1. Motorcycle Jackets

This is my most favourite type of leather jacket with its classic American style and bad boy look. This jacket is usually available in black colour with large lapels, a little heavy weight and a flared collar giving the wearer and distinctive badass and classic look. Other than having an awesome design, this type of jacket is very efficient for carrying necessary things like keys, mobile etc. due to its various zippers and pockets.

  1. Flight Leather Jacket

This style of leather jacket came into style during World War II and was worn mostly by pilots of that time but it has come back into trend. These jackets have a soft inner lining, are of waist length, have a thick turndown collar (to protect against the wind), two large front pockets and a cinch tight for the waist and sleeves. These jackets give you a classic vintage look of a WW II solider.

  1. Cattleman Jacket

These Jackets are almost like suit jacket or blazers and can be easily substituted for them. Cattleman jackets come with a slightly flared waist, buttons for fastening and are usually of thigh length. These jackets are usually available in dark colours like black, brown etc. and they are suitable for horse riding, casual day out etc. The original design of cattleman jacket is rarely available and only imitations are mostly available.

  1. Racer Jackets

This sexy style of jackets is also known as ‘café racer’ jackets and is almost always in trend. These styles of jackets are available in sexy black and sometimes are decorated with black or red lines. These jackets are form fitting thereby show off you fit form. This simple jacket comes with a rather simple style with just a zipper to secure it and a couple of pockets that can be opened with a zipper. I suggest this jacket for a natural look rather than a formal look and it is also quite suitable for motorcycle or race car riding.

  1. Fatigue Jackets

These type jackets come in various shades of brown and black making it suitable for changing trends. These jackets are generally a little loose, with big flap pockets, a cinched or belted waist, a soft collar and buttons to secure it. These jackets give out a more aggressive and casual look when worn.

So waste no more time, choose the best style of leather jacket for you and buy them without delay.