Why Consider Character and Attitude of the Candidate Over College Degree When Hiring?

Nowadays, recruiters are not seeking candidates who have right skill, but they look for a good character and quality attitude with right skills. College degree is just a degree that makes you eligible to apply for an interview. But what matters the most is the type of person you are and type of attitude you have. Every organization seeks to pick best from the crowd, what makes you ideal for such organization is a good character, positive attitude, along with skills or other extra qualification you have.

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The company expects that, the candidates to have perfect skills, but, there a negative attitude makes them reject the candidate. Those who focus completely on finishing their studies, obtaining their degrees, good marks and not on developing their personal development, face difficulties in entering the corporate world. In general, Individuals have to use their chances to gain experience and to extend the network using their skills while studying or working. Obviously, the one who has unique, polished skills, with good character and quality attitude, will fit to any organization.

What are the characteristics an organization look for?

  • Responsibility: Company requires the candidates, who are willing to take responsibility for their actions. A responsible person only can handle any situation properly and seriously.
  • Strong work ethic: Companies are not slave drivers, but, they have to know that the employees are putting in the honest day’s work for the honest day’s pay. If your employees are spending time on social media rather than their own work they are not heroes that your organization need.
  • Adaptability: An ideal employment candidate is one, who quickly adapt themselves to their work duties, work environment, and work culture.
  • Positive attitude: Having the positive attitude in employment is very important because this way whatever you do gives a perfect result. Not just limited to job, positive attitude in life makes your life smooth and better.

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  • Professionalism: It includes everything from demeanour to behavior and communication. An ideal employee has to be presentable, perfect at communication, and making good decisions when needed. He is always a risk taker, but whatever the decision adds to the goodwill of organization.
  • Loyalty: every organization seeks employees who can stand by, with them not only in good but every critical situation. The organizations need good team players who know the importance of team. No organization look for candidates have badmouthed about the co-workers and the company. A loyal employee is the one who trusts in the mission of the company and works to make achieve all short-term and long-term goals.
  • Self-confidence: Charisma or confidence is playing a major role in the life of any ideal candidates. But nowadays, most candidates look like they are losing their confidence that must be solved before stepping into an organization.


What are the qualities needed by a firm of any kind?

Long-term potential: The business turnover will be highly affected when spending the funds often on training new employees. Therefore, no organizations will wish to hire the employees, who cannot fit themselves for long-term potentials.

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Enthusiasm: Organization always look for the candidates, who are passionate and enthusiastic about their work and capabilities. If people love their work it means they work for the companies for a longer period when compared to those individuals who work only for sake of paycheck.

Skills to action: Some hiring managers will request potential new hires to complete the task or work on the project to illustrate their skill set. Though it might be any sort of organization, it is a common theory that, they need only candidates, who are self-motivated, contributing in company efforts and like to put extra efforts to yield the desired result in business.

Team Player: In any type of situations, every employee have to function with the other team members on the project. So, companies hire candidates by checking their ability to work in team and the capability to work under pressure.