What Is Considered As “Cheating” In A Relationship?


The act of cheating essentially has two meanings one that means deceiving or acting dishonestly and the second meaning can be avoiding either on purpose or by luck. But when this act is applied on a relationship then this action takes a whole new meaning because relationships between two people has a lot of complication as it involves various feeling, society norms etc. playing a key role. To say in simple words ‘cheating’ in a relationship can be considered by various kinds of actions, a few of which I will explain here


  • Lying about being in a relationship – Being in a relationship involves many factors and if you are not truthful about your relationship with the world then the relationship holds no meaning. Without an acknowledgement the relationship just remains like dust in the wind, hence something that cannot be recognized thereby hurting your partner as it means that you are embarrassed by relationship therefore feel the need to act avoid.
  • Being emotionally distant – Emotions play a key role in a relationship because every feeling we feel has a significance that you may not realize at just that moment. The intensifying of the emotions results in progress of your relationship but if you or your partner is emotionally distant then your relationship remains at a standstill so it is almost like deceiving.
  • Being emotionally connect with someone else- As we have seen in the previous point, emotions play a crucial role in a relationship. So when you share or connect with the emotion of others, who is not your partner, then it is like cheating in your relationship. It is not sexual but the exchange of emotions creates a relationship that can easily replace your current relationship therefore must be avoided.
  • Flirting with others – Many feel that flirting is not actually cheating as you are not exchanging any sexual acts or feeling but on the contrary flirting is a form of cheating. When you flirt with some, you not only hurt the feelings of your partner as you are sharing their amount of talk with other, but also leading someone else on a false hope.
  • Being sexually involved with someone – Many think that modernizing means able to be sexually active with many but maintain a relationship just one but on the contrary when you have sex with someone you leave a part of you with them thereby proving unfaithfulness with your partner. In short it is never simply sex there are always emotions.
  • Lying – We all like to justify out lies but when it comes to a relationship lies are a big no-no because they create distrust and feeling of being deceived. So always make it a point to build your relation on the pillars of truth and honesty.

Avoid these simple acts and enjoy a cheating free relationship