What should every woman have in her bag?

A woman’s bag is her best friend that she can carry with her and rely on for anything. However there are quite a few women out there who don’t what to carry in their bag thus leaving them with questions like – What should I do now? How will I get out of this pickle? Etc. Well worry no more! Here we will give you a list of things that are a must in every woman’s bag

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1. Phone and its needed accessories

In this tech savvy world it is not possible to survive without a phone especially during emergencies. However your phone is prone to issues like low battery etc. therefore accessories like charger, power bank, a set of earphones etc. must be present with you. Carrying these items will ensure that in any situation you will be able to avail the needed help.

2. Pads and other products for your periods

Periods have a way of sneaking up on you, so make sure that you are prepared for it 24/ 7. Carry items like tampons/ sanitary pads, chocolates etc. that will make that ‘time of month’ a little bit more bearable.

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3. Cash and cards

Cash or any form of payment is essential particularly when you are going out because you can never anticipate the curve balls that can be thrown at you.

4. Hand Sanitizer and wipes

You have no idea what germs are present around you so it is best to prepared with the correct products to help keep health. Having a sanitizer and wipes will ensure that any dirty or germ filled thing you touch will not harm you in any way. It is advisable that you keep wet wipes rather than dry because you may not always have water when you need it.

5. Light snacks

Feed your peckish streak anytime, anywhere by carrying light snacks such as biscuits, assorted nuts etc. This will help you pass time when needed as well as fill your stomach when you have no option for food. Keep them in neatly packaged packets that will guarantee that the food will not spill into the bag.

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6. Compact and other basic makeup essentials

You cannot anticipate when and where you will have to add a little enhancement to your beauty hence it is smart to keep the needed basic makeup essential with you. It is not practical for you to carry all your makeup shades so just keep you daily simple shades and switch them when you’re going to a posh event

7. Deodorant or perfume

Heat can cause excess sweat which in turn can lead to a bad body odour. So keep yourself minty fresh by carry a vial of perfume or roll-on deodorant in your bag and put it when you go to the nearest restroom.

8. Band-Aid and other medication

Last but not the least; you must always carry a couple of bandages and medication that you may be taking. By doing so you can stay prepared for any medical emergency pertaining to your health.

A woman’s bag is her best friends, so keep your best friend stocked with all the above mentioned essentials and stay safe!