Fighting Ageism in the Workplace

Ageism is the differentiation or division of people by age, as they feel that people are suitable for certain jobs when they are younger. Ageism is an issue that many individuals face in their place of work, and among them, females are the most frequent victims of this prejudice.


After a certain age, an individual is felt to be unsuitable for the job thus leaving them without employment. Men do not face much ageism when compared to women as women are deemed unfit for some jobs due to their age. For example – Actors have a much bigger career span than actresses do after a certain age actresses can only bag supporting roles and not leading roles. It is high time that we tackle this prejudiced way of division, so here are few tips to fight ageism in the workplace.

Be on top of your game:
Letting your guard down or slacking in your work will give your superiors to comment that your age is affecting your work. So you must sure to stay on top of your game and try reinventing yourself continuously.


Fight back:
Don’t take any discrimination at the workplace on the basis of your age lightly or ignore them because it will leave your superiors with the opinion that it is okay to differentiate people on age. Make sure to stand up and voice your outrage on this immature division thus making others aware of this injustice.

Don’t hide your age:
Hiding your age in fear of becoming a victim of ageism is very wrong as it will enhance the effect of ageism and encourage your superiors to conduct ageism without hesitation. Be bold by wearing your age proudly thereby showing that at any age you’re the best and will continue to be so.

Prepare for age-related questions:
There still is and will continue to be age-related questions, in particular for women, so you need to prepare yourself for them. You might be judged as ‘overqualified’ due to your age and told that you are no longer suitable. Don’t take this lying down, face your employers and tell them the advantages of hiring down. Do not shy away from age-related questions; face them with tenacity and confidence.


Be flexible and open to change:
Usually, employers practices ageism with the phrase ‘We want young blood and creativity’. So negate this offensive phrase by reinventing yourself and making yourself flexible for any change thrown your way. This will not only allow for you to channel your creativity but will also enable you to enhance your creativity by leaps.


Look your best:
Dress your best and be your best. First impressions are always lasting so make yourself presentable by dressing in your best, do not dress yourself according to your age. Be the best without crossing your comfort levels.

Network and make yourself indispensable:
Ageism is rampant because the employers feel that you are easily replaceable. Tackle this issue head-on by networking yourself and making yourself indispensable to your employer. This practice will not only secure your current job but will also open the myriad of avenues for the future jobs.

Fight the injustice of ageism; not just work but at every aspect of your life!