Are Your Friends Costing You Your Future

Friends are the family that we get to choose, and these set of friends tend to reflect our life choices as they represent the type of person you are and whom you are comfortable with. Many of us feel that we are only influenced and affected by close friends and not by casual friends but on the contrary, every person of our acquaintance tend to affect us one way or the other.


Ways your friends affect your life thus your future


The influence of your friends on your life choices and in turn in future must never be under estimated. Below are a few way that your friends affect your life thus your future

  • Change in Belief: Beliefs can change with circumstances, situations and growing age but the affect that your friends can have in your belief is quite substantial. If you have a good friend, then the change in belief can prove to be positive otherwise a bad friend can change your belief with negative comments and suggestions.
  • Affect your self-confidence: Self-coincidence is crucial to achieving success in life, and our self-confidence is vulnerable to the critique and comments of our friends. So a bad friend can harm your self-confidence and change your strength to face issues in your future.
  • Effects on your behaviour: Our behaviour is important in our personality presentation, and the influence of negative friends can turn your behaviour in a damaging way that can eventually lead to destruction of your future and its aspiration

  • Channel their negativity: Negativity has an easy way of spreading especially when it comes from friends who you spend most of your time with. This channelling of negativity can lead to bad emotional state and sometimes even depression is thereby decreasing your zeal for life and future.

These are just a few; there are many other ways that your friends and influence you and cost your future.

How to stop the influences and harmful effects of your friends?

It may be hard to practice, but here are a few pointers that may help you stop the influences and harmful effects of your friends

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    Enhance your individuality: Individuality is crucial for a person, and this can be achieved by building your own beliefs, views and perspectives. Enjoy your friends, share their views but always make sure to keep your individuality strong and unaffected.

  • Live and let live: Everyone is different, and this difference must be celebrated rather than berated. So don’t try to change your friends or their views, simply present your views and try to understand theirs. Live and let them live, thus negating any exchange of influences.
  • Maintain boundaries: Every relationship has to have its own set boundaries that must be exercised, and this applies on friendships also. With the boundaries in place, there is very less chance of any influence.

Enjoy your friendship to its fullest and appreciate your friends for their presence but do not let this friendship cost you your future and its aspirations.