Get glamorous and stylish with Singapore fashion designers

Singapore fashion designersFashion designers are the people who love to study fashion trends, use flair and know-how to create everything from a normal uniform to the eye-popping outfits worn by models and rock stars. Most fashion designers work for apparel makers, creating designs of women’s, men’s, and children’s fashions for the mass market.

A fashion designer takes part in every aspect of bringing fashion to the public, from creating the basic design sketches, material selection, working with a dummy, along with sewing pieces of materials. A successful fashion designer usually controls a fashion show, which include a selection of models, determining the price of each garment, and arranging how the apparel will be presented.

Choosing fashion design as a career is a very tough choice. Fashion designers are not people you get familiarized to all the time. In fact successful fashion designers are generally very busy or too cagey to share how they received the job.

No rewarding career in life is easy to get and fashion design is no exclusion. Famous fashion designers work extremely hard for their fame and money, unlike other professions. But one thing is for sure, if you planned to be a fashion designer and you have dedication to the same than half the battle is won.

Singapore is known as the fashion capital and is a home to fashion shoppers, who like to spend huge money on trendy fashion collections. But still Singapore fashion designer finds it extremely hard to get any attention until they make it abroad, unless the designer is featured or mentioned in an international publication. There is a huge amount of talent among Singapore fashion designers.

Some of the most famous Singapore fashion designers who have earned popularity across the globe include:

Ashley Isham
Elim Chew
Hayden Ng
Priscilla Shunmugam
Benny Ong
Creativity of Local fashion designers makes shopping in Singapore truly different experience for fashion shoppers. Singapore holds inter­­­­­­national fashion names, who have demonstrated their talent at home and abroad. The annual Singapore Fashion Festival has been showcased local fashion works. International fashion names like Sven Tan and Ashley Isham, have won applause at the festival. Local fashion is matchless because the fashion designers retain their Asian roots while exploring the Western concepts, for example the Soulmates Never Die fashion collection by FruFru & Tigerlily.

Here are some Singapore fashion brands, from millinery, casual wear, fashion wear, and handcrafted statement jewelry and much more:

Max Tan: It is a long established fashion label which offers androgynous collections for women.
Mae Pang: It is a women’s fashion label which offers trendy clothing.
Kae Hana: It is a fashion label well known for their structured design and experimental prints.
Ong Shunmugam: It is a contemporary womenswear label which offers designs inspired by traditional cheongsam and other traditional prints and colors.
Elohim by Sabrina Goh: It is a fashion label which features sculpted and strong fashion-forward silhouettes.
Saloni Rathor’s fashion collection: A fashion collection, which shows Asian influences through its colors, prints, and textures.
Foreward: A fashion label which offers handcrafted jewelry in a plethora of their different colorways and designs.
Cassey Gan: It is a fashion label which offers comfort and style clothing.
Eskpade: It is a fashion label that offers vintage-inspired headpieces and hats.
Cosset: It is a fashion label which offers lounge wears in bamboo fabrics.
Singapore fashion labels including Lion Earl, Carrie K, Koonhor, Triologle, Noël Caleb, and Ong Shumugan are truly the future of Singapore fashion. Singapore fashion designers offer their creative ideas through several fashion labels to reach the fashion lovers. These brands and several others have established their name in the fashion sector and are well-known for their super stylish, trendy and elegant offerings.

Singapore, unlike before, has become a place that welcomes and endorses fashion innovation. Singapore has started giving fashion industry a stimulating environment with creative energy and buzz. It also offers an improved, vibrant fashion scene and an established platform for fashion designers and creative talents for showcasing and retailing their works. Singapore designers are very creative and they can flourish across the globe. The designers work hard to maintain their fame through several types of designs such as vintage-inspired designs, traditional prints, and floral colors and prints. Singapore believes that the fashion business has been becoming viable and the fashion industry is moving up in the world of glamour and style.