Hair trends for men in 2017

Time flies, and so do trends. Another year of experimentation, and creativity by barbers, and hairdressers will make it hard for any men to try something new with their hair. 2017 will continue this trend for sure, as new haircuts for short, long, and medium hairstyle flood the world.

Young men work so hard on their hair to stand out in the crowd. Currently, the messy long hair looks are thought to hold high in 2017.

Stylish haircuts for men 
Stylish haircuts for men include more style, texture, and details that will make these hairstyles stand out from the rest of the world. Hair being an integral part of your noticeable features can elevate your appearance even in a dapper outfit.

Sometimes, these hairstyles may require some extra effort, but it’s always worth the time.


1.  Side Fringe + Fade
A pair of shaved lines on the temple and a mop of loose hair on the top swept to one side, with a high fade. The hairstyle goes well for those men who have long hair, and for those who would like to let their hair wave.

2. Curled Comb Over Fade

A swoop of volume and a razor part on the forehead make this haircut popular among men. It easy to style, and most importantly it looks great. The hairstyle has plenty of impact on blonde and hazel tones. This hairstyle gives you a classy look with tuxedos on.



3. Sweep Back
This hairstyle includes detailing, as the long hair us swept backwards, incorporating it into a crown’s swirl. The hairstyle looks cool on long, as well as medium size hair.

4. Textured Pomp
Pompadour has always been that classic hairstyle for men. In 2017, the classic version would be reinvented. And the hairstyle would include high volume silhouettes, with plenty of texture, and matte finish.




5. High Fade Faux Hawk
Hairstyles don’t always have to be new to look stylish. Sometimes, a prevailing hairstyle can be turned stylish using a bit of creativity. This hairstyle goes well with burgundy hair, and is set against a high fade, and line up.

6. Taper Cut
This haircut is made for men with thick, wavy hair, and it brings back classic men’s hairstyles. This version will cut those long hair short. However, it leaves plenty of texture enough to make up for the loss.

Source: http://www.menshair

7. Mohawk Fade
Mohawk Fade haircuts have gained quite a lot of traction this year. The hairstyle suits any type of hair that ranges from straight to ultra curly. And looks great when left loose, styled up, or slick back.

8. Mid Fade Haircut
Mid Fade Haircut suits most of the men, and this long top haircut is styled midway between a pompadour and high slick back.




9. Layered Haircut
This year texture means more of layering, which means messier hairstyle. This style is just cool with the tousled style, and a preppy cut, and gives out a casual, polished finish.

Hair trends are flooding the world. What the styles that were considered old are new again. There is something for every type of hair, thin or thick, straight or curly.

Now, it’s up to you to walk to the nearest hair styling salon and style your hair in a trendy way. Happy Hair Styling!