Halloween Party Games And Activity Ideas For Seniors

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Halloween is around the corner, and it’s time to find some spine chilling, or funny for seniors. Halloween is all about fine, spookiest, and treats. And there is no fun without games this Halloween. However, if you aren’t unable to find quality activity ideas for seniors residents at your Halloween party, then we are here to help.

  1. Pumpkin pies

Halloween is nothing without Pumpkins. The Jack O’Lanterns, and treats are all a part of ever Halloween parties. There are couple of decent games thar includes pumpkin to entertain your guests all night.

  • Guess My Weight – Line up a couple of Pumpkins, the biggest to the smallest, and let the residents guess it’s exact weight. You can even hand a little prize to the one who makes the guest nearest to the actual weight.
  • Pumpkin Knock Down – Stack up some old cans, or paper cups on the ground. Don’t forget to decorate them by painting them orange with spooky eyes, and mouths. Now use a pumpkin, or gourd to knock down these stack. Fill a tray up with sweets to gift the winners with.
  • Hot Pumpkin – If your residents are not as active as they should be, then consider a seated game for them. It’s just like the hot potato game that we play. You can use a small pumpkin, and toss it over till the spooky music stops. Whoever holds the pumpkin when the music stops is out of the game. But before they move out, they will have to do a small task, just to make the night more interesting. You can prepare a list of small tasks like dancing for a nursery rhyme or you name it.
  • Dress Me Up – In this activity, you can ask your residents to try their luck in decorating the Pumpkins with the scariest face possible. Or, you could give the ladies some lace, buttons, and needles to create the best fall decoration. Don’t forget to get something spooky for them as a gift.
  1. Karaoke

Whether it’s Halloween, or New year, Karaoke is always the best. So let your guests warm up their vocal chords, as you put on the scariest movies theme song. Be prepared for some sore tummy muscles, as you are going to die of laughter.

  1. The Best Dressed
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Ask your guests to come up dressed in their most scariest attires possible. Because, nothings is better during Halloween than to come up hiding behind an eerie costume. You can even give them the freedom to dress up like a famous person from the decade that they were born in.

But that’s not all. Once your guests have all showed up, ask them to vote for the best dressed person. Have some ballots, and box arranged for this. Award the winner with a special prize at the end of the party, and don’t forget to give a booby prize for the loser. Because on Halloween every moment counts.