How to Boost Confidence at Workplace?

All the high achievers have one major attribute in common. This is nothing but self-confidence which is the inner sense to overcome challenges in the job profile.

The building of self-confidence is a two-phase process. As per a Frobes article,tThe very first phase involves purging yourself of self-doubt. The second phase is all about building up your confidence level. The building up of confidence in the workplace is like erecting a skyscraper. First of all, you need to clear the site and then lay a solid foundation. After that, you need to create the superstructure.

Following is a 10-step plan for boosting confidence at workplace.

Phase#1: Elimination of self-doubt

Step 1: Understanding the origins of self-doubt

Self-doubt is ingrained in our mind due to some inferiority complex regarding ourselves in our mind. There are some standards which are being set by our ego ideal which is an imaginative perfect self. This is a fact that none can live up to the standards that has been set by ego ideal. So, we spend the rest of our lives plagued by certain doubts about ourselves. This is indeed irrational but true for sure.

Step 2: Accepting it

There is a school of psychotherapy which is called the “acceptance therapy”. This is based on the insight that you need to admit that you suffer from a problem. This reduces the distress that it can cause. This is obvious that even the biggest superstars’ feel like a looser at times. Everyone have imperfections. Recognizing those imperfections will help you to overcome them easily and eventually.

Step 3: Fess up

There are chances of real acceptance when you share your problems and anxieties with others whom you trust. By doing this, you may have chances of getting some good advice from your near and dear ones.

Step 4: Looking at the facts

You should know the facts about yourself, analyze them practically. This way, you would be able to point out the problems that are within you. By doing this, you would be able to improve the issues.

Phase#2: Boosting self-confidence

Step 5. Nothing is threatening inherently

If possession is nine-tenths of the law, then the perception is cent percent truth. A dreadful event can be managed if you have the right courage to cope with the same.

Step 6. Confronting your fear

You should try and confront the fear that you have within you. You need to undertake those projects and tasks which you are afraid of undertaking. So, get out of your comfort zone and work on new projects and undertake bigger responsibilities. This will help you in confronting your fears.

Step 7. Choosing your own battles

Choosing your own battles means taking up challenges that are egosyntonic. It becomes easier to boost your self-confidence considerably by confronting the challenges that you undertake.

Step 8. Stretch once you have mastered something

This is a true fact that nothing erodes self-confidence like shooting a fish in a barrel. For this, you need to add more challenges to every project that you undertake, tackle them and this would boost your self-confidence. Once you have mastered something, you need to keep it up by doing it again and again.

Step 9. Do not solicit the self-confidence boosting feedback

You may receive feedbacks from different people around you regarding your performance and about your increased self-confidence. You can hear them all but never solicit for others’ feedback.

Step 10. Beware Hubris

There should be a limit to everything. This goes true for self-confidence as well. You should continue to believe in yourself and never be a jerk about it.