Indian Fashion And Dressing Style: It’s Time To Look Your Best

Indian fashionIndian fashion and style of dressing is rich in tradition, it’s a great blend of vibrant and classy colors. India has many cultures, and thus the fashion in India varies from religion to religion, and state to state. Indian dresses have a unique grace and charm that gets the attention of people, whether they are men’s simple kurta pyajama or women’s sari.

The fashion in India has changed a lot over years. Indian fashion designers have given a western touch to the Indian dresses, which has been appreciated by young generation of the country. But, the Indian woman has always been picturized adorned in a sari from ages. Sari is undoubtedly the most graceful attire across the world. Sari has gained popularity beyond India as well. Sari can be the best attire for your office or the best wear for your friend’s wedding or any other occasion.

Indian saris are available in many styles, some of the most famous styles include:

  • Paithani,
  • Bandhani,
  • Chanderi,
  • Patola,
  • Banaras brocade,
  • Gujarati brocade,
  • Kota doria,
  • Kanjeevaram,
  • Kota silk,
  • Baluchari,
  • Puttapakshi

In India people of different languages live and they have their unique style of wearing a sari. The most well-known styles include Bengali, North Indian, Gujarati, and Maharashtrian style. Salwar Kameez also has different styles, the most common is the Punjabi style and Anarkali style. Not just limited to women, Indian dressing varies from region to region for men, Dhoti and Kurta Pyajama are the traditional dresses for them.

Women in the Northern part of the country wear salwar kameez, in Eastern part blouse with a lugra is common. Lehanga choli are preferred by women in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Women in South prefer silk saris over any other. Lungi-kurta or Dhoti-kurta are the common dressing style for men.

With the globalization, the Indian fashion has seen a lot of changes. Indian youth are fashion conscious, they love to wear trendy and comfy clothes. Western dressing style has attracted youth, but their love for traditional Indian dresses is still alive. The attire of Indian bride and grooms are loved across the globe. The grace and charm sparks at its best when a woman wears a lehanga and a man wears a shervani. The Indian fashion designers have blended the Indian style and western style in such a beautiful way that people can feel the touch of Indian tradition and culture.


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