Which makeup goes with which occasion

For women makeup means; spending quality time in front of the mirror with a collection of cosmetic. Almost every woman will carry a foundation, eye shadow, a liner, lipstick and more beauty products in her bag to enhance her beauty. It is every woman’s pride and joy to have a gorgeous, sexy and beautiful look.

Why wear makeup
Makeup creates one’s persona and expresses individuality, develops confidence and positivity. Studies show the use of cosmetic boosts a woman’s attractiveness. For a perfect makeup, you will need a good foundation, concealer, powder, a round brush, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow. Lip gloss, and lipstick. Makeup looks different on everyone; however, there are looks that one can wear for various occasions. Here are different makeup styles to wear for different occasions.

1. Natural Look
Some women prefer a natural look makeup. Natural look can be worn when taking an outdoor walk, going work, or when at home. A foundation or tinted moisturiser and an earth toned eye shadow is applied. To complete the makeup apply lip gloss or lip balm of a natural colour.


2. Professional Look
A professional look is worn in a business meeting and corporate functions. For a professional look, you need to start with a foundation and apply a concealed where it is needed. Next, apply little pink blush and an earth tones eyeshadow. Finish up with light mascara and a berry or pinkish colour lipstick. You are now ready to go.

3. Sexy Look
A sexy look is ideal for parties and night out date. You will need red lipstick, dark smoky eye shadow, foundation, mascara, and concealer. Apply the foundation first followed by the concealer and blush. Add the eye shadow and dark mascara and finish up with red lipstick. For a complete sexy look don’t forget to have a perfume of your choice.
4. Special Event
Special events like weddings require a cool of makeup appearance. You will need first to apply foundation, concealer and blush. Finish up with some light eye shadow, a little mascara and lipstick.



5. Holiday look
When having fun with family and friends a warm makeup look is ideal. You will need a foundation, concealer and blush. For soft and cheerful eyes apply an orange and yellow eye shadow. Finish up with mascara and lip gloss or lipstick



6. Romantic Date look
You will need a foundation, concealer and blush. Apply a light eyeshadow followed d by a darker shade. Apply mascara and finish up with a vibrant red lipstick. Don’t forget to have your irresistible perfume.

It is important to understand your skin type. This will determine the foundation to use. Pick foundation shades that match with your neck, arms and chest and not your face. Only use powder when your face is shiny. You can choose to use powder or cream blush and use the right shades. This will depend on your skin type. For gorgeous lips use a colour that is the same hue of your lip colour. Your lip liner should be nude or natural colour. Use mascara with a large and fluffy brush. Apply from the root and move the brush back and forth from left to right
Whatever your style, remember to feel confident all the time.