Making Method of Electronic Rat Repellent Device

The electronic rat repellent device can not only produce 18-30 KHz sweep ultrasonic wave, but can effectively expel mice and various pests, which is suitable for the barn, storeroom, kitchen and other places at night.

The working principle of electronic electronic mouse repellent circuit:

The electronic rat repellent device circuit consists of an unstable multi-vibrator, an emitter follower converter, a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), a driving amplifier and a super – loudspeaker piezoelectric ceramic loudspeaker BL.

The unstable multi-vibrator is made up of time base integrated circuit ICL and resistor rl-r3, capacitor Cl and so on. The emitter follower converter is composed of transistor V and its bias elements. Voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) is composed of PLL integrated circuit LC2 and peripheral resistance capacitance elements. The driving amplifier circuit adopts twh68 special amplifying module (including power amplification circuit and ferrite step-up transformer).

 After the power supply is connected, the oscillation signal of the unstable multi-vibrator is output from the 7 feet of the IC1. After the signal is transformed into the saw-tooth by V, the signal is input from the 9 feet of the IC2, after IC2 control and processing, the output frequency of the IC2’s 4 foot is 18-3okhz, and the signal is amplified and boosted by twh68 to drive the super loudness piezoelectricity. The ceramic loudspeaker ha emits ultrasonic beams above 1oodb to expel mice and pests within a certain range.

Changing the resistance of resistor R6 and R7 and the capacitance of capacitor C3 can change the frequency of voltage controlled oscillator (VCO).

   Component Selection:

 Rl-r7 1/4w carbon film resistor or metal film resistor.

CL uses polyester capacitors or monolithic capacitors; C2 selects aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a withstand voltage of LOV; C3 and C4 use high frequency ceramic capacitors.

VD selects 1N4001 or 1N4007 type silicon rectifier diodes.

ICL selects NE555 or pa555 time-based IC; IC2 selects CD4046 phase-locked loop IC.

BL choose vhi5 type cylindrical loudspeaker piezo ceramic speakers.

   Production method two: this rat repellent device produces 20-4okhz ultrasonic signals which change continuously, and expel mice within a certain range.

   The principle of circuit work:

The electronic rat repellent device circuit is composed of a power supply circuit, an oscillator and a piezoelectric buzzer.