Men’s Hairstyles In 1950s


With the prevalence of smooth styles today, there has been a resurgence in vintage-enlivened looks. In case you’re searching for something other than what’s expected, thoughts regularly originate from going straight to the source. The following article discusses the top hairstyles of men of the 1950s. Plus, I have briefly explained each of the haircuts too.

A time known for its experimentation in culture and styles, the 1950s is the perfect decade for inspiration in the modern world where we can see the revival of the vintage slick hairstyles. This was the transformative period with the emergence of rock music industry, and even today the popular music and film stars of that era are looked as an inspiration.

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One thing everyone must have noticed is that men of fifties were more inclined to sport short hairstyles and ever since then short hairstyles have been in fashion. People still love short haircuts like the crew cut, fades, and Ivy League.

Greased – up or the ultimate wet

This look was the most popular look of the time. Hair styling products used today for vintage hairstyles like Murray’s Superior, Black & White and Royal Crown were introduced in the 50s. Stars like James Dean and Elvis Presley were the inspiration for this look.


Without mentioning the Elvis Presley’s pompadour, I would do injustice to the 1950s hairstyles. Presley’s classic pompadour was the most influential hairstyle of 1950s, especially amongst the actors and rockabilly artists.


A slight variation of this was the hairstyle popularly known as the ‘Ducktail’, developed by the hairstylist Joe Cerello whose clients included celebrities like Elvis Presley and James Dean. This hairstyle is really simple to do, you just need to apply sufficient amount of pomade by using your fingers and slick back your hair with a comb with a wide tooth.

While slicked back hair was trending hairstyles of that time, many still preferred the side – parted conservative look. The look was associated with the men being stable and responsible and many stars like Cary Grant, Patric Knowles, Johnny Carson and Jacques Brel sported the look.

Side – part

The side part haircut is also another big name among the classic haircuts of the 50s, and one can wear this look with many variations. You can keep it simple with artful waves like those of Cary Grant. Or, like Patric Knowles you can keep the partition conservative and hair combed back style.

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You can also try the Johnny Carson’s side cut look with a slight quiff.

Jacques Brel’s “breakers” with sideburns is simple yet conventional retro – hairstyle.

hairstyle8Even today many of the hottest men’s hairstyles are inspired by the 1950s style. One can try these styles in their authentic form or with moderations.
A large portion of the most hottest men’s hairstyles for the year 2014 are roused by the main 1950s style for men and are being cut by various hairstyling salons across the whole world. Appreciate these 1950s styles in their unique shape or redesign them as per your likings and necessities