More about MTV Roadies X4 winner Balraj Singh Khera


Balraj Singh Khera, a handsome Punjabi boy hailing from Jalandhar has become the winner of the X4 season of the MTV Roadies. He became the ultimate roadie by beating other two finalist Gaurav and Navdeesh. The 27 year old is the first Sikh winner of Roadies, who incidentally is quite popular in Punjab. The finale of Roadies X4 was aired recently but was shot around 4 months back. Balraj was very happy on winning the Indian reality show and has expressed his future plans of being an actor.  Going by the example of earlier Roadies finalists, Balraj has a good future in this direction. Balraj is a winner of the PTC Mr. Punjab 2014 title and runs a company called Fitness Freaks.

He did his schooling from Baba Gurmukh Singh Uttam Singh Senior Secondary School. He studied physiotherapy from Tara Institute of Physiotherapy Jalandhar and earned MBA degree from IGNOU.

He started his preparations about a year before the reality show started. He was a well-known bodybuilder before participating in the show. Balraj is a trained fitness instructor and even runs training camps in collaboration with other instructors for the youngsters of his locality. He is known to be a big fan of Salman Khan. During his Roadies X4 audition, Neha Dhupia was fascinated by him and almost lost her heart to him.

Surviving in roadies isn’t easy, and Balraj was even voted out of the show once by other fellow contestants but he managed to get back through a wildcard entry. Speaking on his strategy to win the show he said that he won the show based on his dedication, honesty and hard work and didn’t stoop down to playing politics. His story is all the more inspiring as he originally hails from an obscure, small, village and only managed to make it this far on the basis of his own merit. He asked youth from remote areas not to be disheartened and to try and make it big through their hard work and dedication. He also advised against feeling the fear of failure and said that it should be avoided. He puts the credit of his success on his bodybuilding coach who helped him to be fit for the rigorous demands of the reality show.

Balraj was in Karan Kundra’s team of Roadies X4. Praising his team leader he said, that Kundra was always there to promote unity and motivate the team.

Balraj said that Roadies test not only the physical abilities of a candidate but also his desire and passion to win. He was all praises for the female participants and said that they did a good job and he is proud of them. He also said that a camaraderie had developed between the various participants even though they hailed from different parts of the country and were competing against each other.

Roadies can be considered to be the show which brought popularity to the reality TV genre. Before the show started airing, there were just a few reality shows in existence. Started originally by the twin brothers Raghu and Rajiv, the show is still managing to attract audiences even after 14 consecutive seasons. A lot of ex Roadies have gone ahead and made their mark on various avenues of the entertainment sector. Ranvijay Singh, winner of the Roadies Season 1, is quite popular as a reality show host, and has done some films are well. Ayushmann Khurrana, who is the winner of Roadies 2, has made a successful career into acting and singing after winning the show. As Roadies provides a relatively quick way to stardom, the reality program attracts thousands of youth from around the country.