The Untold Power of Music


When someone says, “music”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a tide of memories? Does it help you to recall a feeling or a moment? Time is a fantastic time machine.  The best actually.  And they say that humans can’t time travel.

Music is a bridge.  It’s like floating on a surf board in the middle of the ocean, and just when the time is right you can ride the perfect wave.  Where does it take you? Well, that’s the beauty of it.  Anywhere.  It can take you… anywhereAll you have to do if be brave enough to risk it and ride along wherever it will take you.

For some people it can be a specific song and out of no where they are transported to a moment transfixed in time.  For others, maybe it’s a whole album.  But whatever type it is, one thing is for sure: Music is powerful.  Have you ever noticed how sometimes even our dreams have music? Why do we spontaneously begin to hum while doing household chores or keep some tunes rolling in the background at work? Because music is an essential part of us.  It makes us feel things that we might never feel otherwise.  The most incredible thing about it is that somehow, we have figured out what love sounds like, and sadness, and memory… if each of these things had a voice, it would be a piece of music.


When listening to a song, I know what the sentinel mountains feel and the secrets that the ocean hides.  I become an eagle and can feel the wind through my wings.  I become a star rushing to join the swirling constellations that surround me.  I can know the cold of the snowbank and the warmth of a summer sun.  Music allows me to cry when it tells of sorrow, laugh when it tells of joy, and smile when it tells of hope.  Music is powerful, and it’s all around us.  You just have to listen; to the wind in the trees, the laughter of a loved one, or to see, feel, and hear the rain.  Everyone and everything is like a song.  That’s the beauty of life.  The beauty of music, is that it can embody these things with perfect accuracy.  Every emotion, every thought, and every feeling.

It is also a healer, letting us know that we are not alone.  Someone out there knew what we feel and somehow they knew what those feelings sounded like.  It speaks of hope and understanding.  So many people turn to music when they struggle or when they fear that no one can hear them.  This is what makes music so incredible.

What is your favorite song? Which is the one that best describes you? It could have lyrics or maybe it’s wordless.  Perhaps it’s nothing but the sound of instruments unfolding the story of your heart and dreams.  Whatever it is, I’d love to know.  So please share it with me, and while you’re at it, look up In The Embers by Sleeping At Last.  That’s my favorite song.  Are you brave enough to ride the wave?