Why You Must Plan Your Marriage?


Life is full of hard decisions and choices that have to be made with a great amount of thought as well as consideration otherwise you might regret in the future. But when you look into it these are just a handful of decisions that have a lasting effect on your life like the choice of education will determine your future career. In these few decisions the biggest one in any woman or man’s life is that of marriage because it will not just affect two individual but also their families and kids they may have in the future.

The increased pace and stress of today’s world has made divorce rate sky high as individuals are busy that they don’t have time to spend with their loved ones thereby creating rifts and eventual divorces. In the recent statistics it has been shown that out of 10 marriages almost 6 end in divorces therefore it is always advised to go the smart way and plan your marriage.

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Reasons To Plan A Marriage

  • Planning is essential for building anything strong whether it maybe a building or a relationship, the planning doesn’t mean creating a time by time schedule but it means planning the various aspects of marriage.
  • Marriage is a complex structure that involves various facets like relationship between two individuals, their ability to co-exist, their families to connect, their planned future, their combined finances etc. All the aforementioned facets of marriage play a key role in the success of a marriage whether it is arranged or love.
  • If you neglect to plan your marriage with matters like job roles of the individuals. Then after marriage you may have to face a number of arguments to come to a decision. Therefore before marriage plan your finances and decide if you both want to work or one of you want to stay back at home.
  • If you’re having a inter caste marriage then you need to be extra careful for planning your marriage because religion is always a sensitive subject. So when it comes to what religion to be followed after marriage then always follow the phrase ‘Live and Let live’.
  • One of the main topic that hurt a marriage is discord with in laws therefore always try to acquaint your partner with your family so that after marriage you will not face any issues. Otherwise I guarantee you that family vacations and trips will be very awkward.
  • Small facts like where to live, how to manage debts, how to share saving etc. may seem quite easy to figure out but on the contrary they cause a lot of issues. So plan your marriage after discussing all the necessary aspects of your lives so that your life after marriage moves fight free.

These are just a few reasons, as a smart person it is always crucial that you take important decision like marriage with the right amount of planning otherwise you might find yourself in a pickle.