Natural Remedies for Intestinal gas and Bloating

bloatingIt is important to follow the remedies for Intestinal Gas and bloating as it can make you uncomfortable and embarrassed. You can consult your health care provider before following the below natural remedies, so that you can be sure of the causes. Intestinal gas and Bloating can be easily controlled by taking care of the diet and eating habits.

The Intestinal Gas is mainly caused due to wrong eating habits or bacterial fermentation of food. Bloating occurs when there is air trapped in the colon. Gum chewing, swallowing food without chewing and drinking simultaneously with eating can cause us to swallow air. Swallowed air is one of the main reasons which cause Intestinal Gas and Bloating. Talking while eating, Eating when upset, Smoking or chewing tobacco, eating beyond capacity, wearing tight fitted garments, deep sighing, drinking extremely hot or cold beverages, chewing gum can cause excess amount of swallowed air. Gas causing food includes carbonated beverages, fried, spicy, or fatty foods; cabbage, broccoli, beans, onions, apple or prune juice; dry fruits; and meals containing mannitol, sorbitol, or malitol.

Some natural remedies for bloating are:

• Food should be eaten slowly, and it is always better to consume smaller meals frequently instead of having heavy meals in a go.
• Food should be chewed properly as it reduces the load of the digestive mechanism, hence reducing Bloating.
• Beverages consumed should be at room temperature.
• You should get you dentures checked for a good fit.
• You should sit straight after having your meals.
• You should take a stroll after having your meals.

Though there should be a check on high fiber gas causing diet, it is not necessary to omit foods from the diet which causes gas. As a high fiber diet is good for bowel’s proper functioning and colon health, one should consume it in smaller quantities, like having half a cup instead of full cup. Consuming water and juices as well as indulging yourselves in physical activities can reduce intestinal gas and bloating. Though there are natural remedies, there are also two remedies available in the market. Both are packaged forms of enzymes for breaking down unwanted undigested carbohydrates. One is lactase, which helps breaking down of lactose, thus reducing gas. The other is Beano which helps in digesting the carbohydrates in beans and other gas producing foods.

Natural remedies for reducing gas are as follows:

• Consuming of peppermint Tea
• Consuming of Chamomile Tea
• Anise
• Caraway
• Coriander
• Fennel
• Turmeric

If you are facing gas and bloating discomfort occasionally it does not require medical attention, just a check on diet consumption can beat the problem but care is required if you are facing frequent gas or bloating problems accompanied by diarrhea, weight loss, vomiting or heartburn. You should seek medical attention if the problem becomes severe.