How To Be A Perfect Woman For Your Man?

relationshipLove is a level of understanding and comfort shared between two people, but the behavior of one can impact the state of mind of the other and also the happiness of the relationship. A happy relationship is not a myth.

Below are some tips on how you can make your man happy:

  1. Make him feel that he is lucky to have you in his life. Bring out the best in you, that he can feel none has.
  2. Show your appreciation for him in front of others. This will make him feel your support and stand for him.
  3. Keep special gestures as a treat, because men easily start taking things for granted.
  4. Motivate him and appreciate his achievements.
  5. Be a good cook, because the route to a man’s heart is through stomach.
  6. Give him surprises every now and then, he will feel happiest guy in the world.
  7. Keep the child alive in you. Live the childish moments with your man, it will make life more fun.
  8. Give him the personal space, and he will be happier and will get less annoyed.
  9. Make him feel that you depend on him.
  10. Support him in his failures, when others criticize him.
  11. Look your best when you are with him.
  12. Compliment him for his intellect and physique. Men just pretend that they don’t like compliments, they do like.
  13. Try to involve him in everything you do. Be it cooking or cleaning.
  14. Don’t let your man fight hard situations alone, stand by him in every situation.
  15. Men also need respect like you. Pulling leg is okay at times, but make sure you tell him how much respect you have for him.

A happy relationship is possible, when both partners are ready to make efforts to keep their relationship happily running. But, in case you simply want to keep your man happy, by playing your part in the best possible way, these 15 tips are helpful.

If you try some of these tips to keep your man happy, but he takes you for granted, and his behavior limits on egoism. You need to discuss things with him to keep the spark of your relationship alive.


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