Post-Diwali gift ideas for your dear ones

The festival of lights “Diwali” has been celebrated with great enthusiasm across India, and post Diwali is the perfect time to grab something great to paste a smile on your dear ones faces. Gifts have gathered much attention during these past years that people are constantly in search for something unique, and new. Easily said, but this is something hard to achieve, as everything seems to be same.

Diwali gifts range from clothes to sweets, and gold. But in this 21st century, electronics, smartphones, and more are the best replacement of those traditional gifts. But this year let’s start giving an after Diwali gift to your loved ones, which will make them remember the year for their whole life time.


1. A Delicious Hamper
Diwali hampers mostly includes cashews, desserts and chocolates. But doesn’t it appear to be boring, when you receive them year after year. And who is going to eat up these many sweets to gain tons of weight. Well, things have changed, and people don’t go for sweets, and desserts that are soaked in oil, and sugar. People get a lot of gift on Diwali day but it’s time for some change, start giving a post Diwali gift. No sugar drenched sweets but a healthy snack hamper. There are many workshops that deliver healthy sweet hampers that includes pound cakes, healthy granola bars, oatmeal cookies, peanut butter, and chocolate chips cookies etc. Or if you don’t find these kind of workshops near you, you can even try your hand in making some of these.

Go for the easiest recipes, and cook them to perfection. All your loved ones are going to love your treat, and would even appreciate the hard work that you have put into making those lovelies.


2. Handicrafts
Diwali season brings together some amazing handcrafted gift boxes, and trays. You would find some amazing trays, wooden or metallic with beautiful LED lights lined at the borders in the market. If not the gift boxes, there are some pretty decent amount of scented candles, tea light holders, and gift baskets that you could grab during this season.

Furthermore, home decorations even makes a great post Diwali gift. It also liven up the atmosphere, and you would come running to your dear one’s mind, whenever they see these beautiful creations hanging down their walls. The decorations can range anywhere from a lantern to beautiful idols, and figurines.

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3. Something Personalized
Why I say start giving a post Diwali gift because you have all the celebration pictures by now and a personalized gifts will add a rich glow to your relation. Your gifts stand out when you add a bit of your creativity to it, and makes it memorable forever. Personalized gifts don’t need a lot of time, and they don’t even consume a lot of your money. The most important thing is that you could even get it done yourself, if you don’t want to take the risk of letting someone else do it for you.

Anything from cashews, and pistachios wrapped in a jute bag, to a gift wrapped in a handmade paper, and decorated with a tea light, and sparklers makes a good gift. But adding a recent Diwali picture to this adds value to it.

Finally, to top off everything, put a smile on your lips, and say “This is a small post-Diwali gift for you” to your dear ones.