Self-confidence Leads to Success: Agree or Disagree?

self_confidenceA few weeks back, an article stayed that people with extremely low self confidence work more harder than the others. But dies this even make any sense? Well, I am not particularly a fan of this statement, and there are reasons why one shouldn’t be.

  • Lack of Confidence.

Lack of confidence often leads to inaction. A little voice in your head keeps telling you that you are not worth giving it a try. Shyness, fear, and nervousness are always the result of such incidents. A person who lacks self confidence always have a backlog of unattended opportunities in store.

A simply belief that you are worthy of doing something is what will guide you through this world. Success doesn’t simply come to a person, rather it’s his hard work that paves the way to success. And hard work is indeed a factor of self confidence. Thus believing in yourself is always the key to your true potential.

  • Be Confident About Yourself.

When we talk about confidence, we should keep this in mind that confidence doesn’t often refer to bring arrogant. Arrogance is a product of over confidence, and over confidence doesn’t lead to success.

Self confidence on the other hand is believing in yourself. Let it be your skills, talents, goals, and dreams, when you believe in yourself, you are more likely to achieve your goals and dreams. You stand up for yourself, and seize the day.

  • Confidence Leads To Success

  1. Kick-start the things, and stand for yourself.

Confident people doesn’t hesitate to start doing the things that will take them towards their goal. As soon as a new idea strike them, they immediately speak it out to the world even when others around them keep pondering. You in turn start standing up for yourself, and let yourself be heard in a fair manner.

  1. Say yes, or say no.

It’s often a heard task for people pleasers to say no to a particular person or anything. But a confident person is good enough to deny any inappropriate or unnecessary task that may trap them in further obligations. They even know the right time to utter a ‘yes’ to opportunities that show up in-front of them. Confident people never let an opportunity pass by, because they think they are worthy.

  1. Set the bar, and stretch your limits.

Confident individuals always aim for the sky. They set their bar high, and work hard to achieve their goals. Lack of confidence often leads to setting the bar too low, and thus your hard work to achieve it would be considerable less too.

Secondly, we are always stronger than we think. A little hard work is all it needs to bring out our true potential. Stretching our limits aids us in knowing our limits, and also in extending it further.

Self confidence is a highly important element that everyone of us require when living in the overly competitive world. We need to be aware of our goals, and dreams, and we should remove our veil of shyness to achieve them.


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