How is Social Media Changing the Beauty Industry?

Social media is undeniably creeping into every aspect of our life. And fortunately, the beauty industry has used this to their advantage to weave a thriving market in the online world. Amateurs have now evolved into professionals who interact with customers to create a completely new career.

Social media helps people dig out all the information that they want. Moreover, it helps people to connect with users who share the same interests. Social media changed the beauty industry rapidly. Also, it changes the way how beauty brands communicate with people.

1. Beauty Regimes, And Tricks

Thanks to the social media platforms like YouTube, and Instagram, people are head over heels in love with sharing their beauty regimes, and tricks to achieve an amazing look online. This can act as another type of marketing, as the video creators would reveal the brands used in the video, and it would, in turn, prove to attract possible future customers.

This was something that was unknown to the beauty industry at the advent of social media. But now, these videos prove to be another method that does wonders like that of word of mouth.

This has, in turn, provoked the beauty brands to approach the bloggers, or vloggers to put on a trial video showcasing their products, as in like an advertisement. Marketing this way seems more human, and genuine than the advertisements that are put on every five minutes on the television. As bloggers and vloggers continue to pop out, beauty brands would have a great time advertising their products.

2. Online Shopping

Earlier buying a beauty product without trying it on at the beauty counter was considered something bizarre. But now, who has even got time to go out and try the numerous range of products available in the market. For a single foundation, one could nearly see nearly ten brands sitting on the counter smiling at them. Cheaper brands to the costlier ones, beauty industry, has everything that you need.

Rather than taking the whole lot of effort to take time out of their busy schedule and go shopping, people always like to do it the easy way. The online market offers all the brands that are there in the real ones, sometimes even more.

One just has to look at the reviews, compare the pros, and cons and order the product that best suites them.
Furthermore, online markets have helped indie brands grow up. Sometimes these indie brands become much popular due to the reviews, and positive remarks that they receive. Indie brands mostly do their promotion and marketing online through social media platforms. This has, in turn, made the popular brands show up late in the game, as the smaller brands have started online marketing much before them.

When thinking of helping your skin glow better, or removing the freckles that are scattered all over the face, YouTube would be people’s one step solution. There are videos about almost every beauty tips that a person will require. Social media has changed the beauty industry since its advent, and it still keeps on changing it for the better.