How To Squeeze “Me Time” From Your Busy Life?

The world today is demanding. When you ask the next person to you how their day was, and the response will be busy! A typical busy day may comprise of juggling between jobs, housework, and family, time for friends, writing, attending to parents and more. From the list, it seems there is no perfect “me time” The time seems not to be enough. Do you want some free time? Well here are some strategies to help you balance your time.


Prioritize Work
Identify which work comes first. Write a list starting with most urgent to the least important. Your list can look like this.

  1. Important and very critical task
  2. Not urgent but still important
  3. Urgent but not so important to you
  4. Not important or urgent

You can reschedule the not important or critical task.



The delegation of work is a Human resource policy and can also apply to you. You can implement it. If you know someone who can help you complete your job faster, delegation is your savior. Work can be delegated to family members, friends or hire someone to do the task.



Know your strength


It is important for you to know your most active time. If you are a morning person, tackle the most jobs that need urgency early morning. As the day slows down, you can address the less urgent work


Stock up
To avoid going to the grocery more frequently, keep your freezer and pantry well stocked with what you love. Prepare a two or three-day meal and freeze it up. If you love vegetable freeze, some they will be still nutritious. Stocking up will reduce the time for food preparation.

Learn to say No

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Too much work can result in burnout, and it’s not healthy. Say no to activities that you will not be able to do or which will take too much of your time. Do things that you want and can handle.




Leave work on time


80% of our time is spent at work. Work is important, but at times it can weigh you down. Follow you to do list and identify the time that you can be free. Find a quiet time to unwind. A quiet place can be at work, a coffee shop or at home where there is no destruction. Leaving work on time will create time for yourself.


Meet a friend


Having a friend to talk to is important. It helps you to unwind. Identify friends whom you share something in common. You can go for coffee or take a walk as you chat. Make the meeting regular.





Give up

Some activities are constantly running you crazy. At times we do so much and it’s time to give up something. You can ditch a club or group that seems not to be productive. Concentrate on productive activities.



Make one evening for yourself


Schedule one night for yourself every week. Do the thing you love most like reading your best novel, going on a date, attend a gallery or soak yourself in the bathtub. Do this every week.

As they say, life is short. Take time to enjoy it. Cheers!