Style Trends Any Guy Would Think About Trying This New Year

Everything we see on celebrities and runways is not style. But as the New Year approaches, guys would want to have some adventure in standing different from the crowd.

Another year of crazy embroidered snakes, and all occasions track pants just passed away, giving way for much more craziness, and funkiness. Things will get stylishly ballsier this New Year, as style trends will unravel itself to the adventurous world.


Statement Overcoats
Until yesterday, you would have had a navy topcoat or a grey one in your wardrobe. Then, folks, it’s time to get something new in there. Overcoats that looks a bit more exotic are the new trend. An unexpected hue, or a leopard print fur, over a white t-shirt, with a ripped jeans, would enhance your fashion statement.

Hair So Long
This New Year, hair will continue to grow long, as men move away from clipping, and faded cuts towards layered, and textured ones. Scissors will take over the razors, as your hair grows less weighed down.

Guys! But that’s not all. Most men are now okay with giving their hair a bit of colour. Grab some dye, because hair colour would grow weirder and weirder as men would go behind unnatural hair colours to elevate their appearance with the layered hair.

Sweatpants, And Socks
Tucking your sweatpants, into your tube socks was considered an ultimate dork style in the years gone by. This style trend is coming back on a full swing this year. So guys, make sure to grab a pair of tube socks if you don’t have some at home.


V-neck Sweaters
The classic V-neck sweaters fell out of favour long before, when the high fashioned crowd took over. After a few years if hiatus, these sweaters are going to fill your wardrobe this New Year, as the fashion world welcomes it with open arms.

The polls for athleisure has got over, and the votes have been counted. And guess what? Athleisure are not going to leave us. They will continue to roam around in the high fashioned society but in new looks. Taking hints from sports, techy, and traditional apparels, the all-new athleisure will reign the fashion world.

Stubble Is Back
Give your razors some rest, because the stubble is not going anywhere, and will take its rightful position as the most common facial hair. The neat, trimmed, funky beards will continue the trend thus new year.


What perfectly fits a man more than a classy suit. This New Year, suits will embrace more colour, and patterns. Navy and charcoal may remain the common colours, but don’t get surprised to see brighter, and festive colours.

Casual Wears
Finally, something that you require every day. This new year, black and white will take over your casual wear’s wardrobe. A lot of black, white, and grey would be seen on the men, as the world will turn a bit colourless.