“I am not abused, I have not been used, I do not need your pity, Why should you be sorry?”.Those were her words to this cruel world, the world that sympathizes with her and then go behind her to tell the other part of the world that she deserves what has befallen her.” She wears skimpy dresses, most times she has on way too much makeup, she talked night strolls, she is too fashionable, too saucy a lady”.That is what they tell the world about her. So, why do you expect her to admit to them that she has been abused? Why does she need their fake sorry when it won’t restitute for all that has been taken from her? Even if she’s got all the aforementioned attributes, does she deserve it?

“I am not a victim, I am not full of terror, do not make me into a horror, I am a survivor “. Her exact message to the world that sees her as an harmful being after all she’s been through, thinking she could not have scaled through the aftermath of such an occurrence without losing a touch of her sanity, which is true to some extent, but does that have to be said to her face? do you have to be skittish around her making her feel like she’s not normal? And also the judicial system that will never get her justice .Then by so doing leaving her with a stigma that cuts so deep and that can never be forgotten for the rest of her life.

She told them, I mean the world that believes she has been tainted and that
she cannot be useful or do great things in life just because they sees her as damaged goo and a weak person.”I am unsullied, I am strong, I fight through the thorns
because I belong”.She still has to fight her way back into the society, to get anything she has to fight through her teeth and amidst her peers, she still has to struggle to be heard because they see her as frail.

The society tend to see this occurrence as the fault of the abused, saying they have walked in its path.Are you going to say the same of a 2 year old child that has been abused? Will you say the same about little boys that go through this as well?. Do they dress indecently also? It’s not the issue of dressing decently or not because it happens to those who dress decently as well. Indecent dressing and all other factors that the world believes are the cause should not be an excuse for this happening because they do not deserve it. This was something that was done against their will. For the love of humanity, exactly what trauma do you think they are going through?

They do not only deserve our genuine love, care and attention when going through this turbulent period of their lives, they also need our support to be able to face whatever awaits them in the world because a lot has been taken away from them. From their pride to their self-esteem and also their self worth, all these from their parents, friends and the society at large. We’re not going to plead with the society to be nice to them even when they do not get the justice they deserve because if they decide not to, they will fight their way through because they are warriors! They are conquerors!! They are survivors!!!