selfieIs it for a reason that the whole of humanity is now so much into photography, is it for a very special purpose that people across the globe irrespective of age, sex, or status are madly in love with taking photos, especially selfies? Questions like this have over the years been on the minds of many individuals who seek day-in and day-out for answers, yet finds none. It is even more interesting to know that people, of which the majority is the youth take over millions of photos, of which most are selfies, in each hour. Selfie is simply a form of photography in which individuals take photos of themselves. But the question then is, is the craze for selfie worth the time and enthusiasm people invest into it?

For the bigger part of it, selfies serve as a booster to one’s self esteem. Issues of self-esteem has been one that we all try to deal with at all times, hence knowing that selfies can help in these issues is a form of relieve.

Selfies are usually taken to ascertain and affirm our looks and appearances. To know whether we are pretty, handsome or even sexy and most likey if after looking at ourselves we get to know our appearances, then we can’t help but get confident. A confidence that carries us where ever we go. By this, selfies serve a good deal of importance.

On another important note, we use selfies to communicate with the world. Selfies are mostly shared on social media like Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram and the likes. This social media has morphed into a world on its own in which the craze for pictures in this manner has become so intense. Therefore the photos we post or share on social media simply tell the people we share with and the rest of the world, how sexy, romantic, well-endowed, amiable or even adventurous we are. It is very clear then that via selfies, we tell others exactly what we are doing and some of the time, where we are.

Some time in our lives we get sad, gloomy and lonely and need something or someone to make us happy and lift us up from our melancholy. When taking selfies, we use all our attention and mind to focus on the best spot to stand, the best pose and we end up laughing at our own images if it turns out badly. This very aspect shows that selfies are strong tools that commune with our emotions.

Selfies can also be a source of entertainment to individuals. Taking selfies, just like music, movies sports and books can entertain us to while away times of boredom. In this vein, selfies can really be craved for.

The world is getting busy, exciting and a place to host your image. Whether you are stout, slim, and athletic or however your looks may be don’t coil into being shy, just come out boldy and let everyone take a look. Undoubtedly, selfies have become very a source of entertainment and therefore making the craze for it very laudable. So just get your smartphone, digital camera, selfie stick and join the selfie craze.

The craze for selfies is good to have, but it should have some limits. Everything is good to an extent and beyond that it become a problem. There is a lot difference between getting crazy and getting insane. Your life is precious, so don’t lose it just to click that perfect selfie at the top of a hill or at any risky place.

Enjoy your life, click selfies, but be safe!