The Rise of Hoverboard

In the twenty first century, every one of you would have rode a hoverboard. And alongside the fun that it offers, you would have also noticed it’s clumsiness, and size that is not practically made to be used every day. One could purchase a hoverboard for around three hundred to four hundred dollars, and maneuver around the town without stepping a foot on the ground. But are these hoverboards really advantageous?

When hoverboards were first invented, people had thought that they would pave the way to an E future. But that wasn’t the case. Hoverboards can reduce the traffic level to a massive extend, and people who has to travel short distances could use hoverboards as a fast mode of transport.

  • The invention of hoverboards

Who invented the hoverboard? Well, no one is really sure about this. The inventor of the hoverboard is still unknown, as many businesses were creating similar products at the same time.

However, the hoverboard is in many ways similar to the Segway which was invented much before the hoverboard. Whoever invented the hoverboard, one thing is for sure that the idea must have struck him or her after seeing a Segway. And this may be exact reason why hoverboards are sometimes known as Segway.

A Segway, a hoverboard, a two wheeled self-balancing board, a self-balancing scooter, all these are words that are used to describe the same device.

The hoverboards are immensely popular in the present day. And what made them popular may be the massive amount of entertainment, and fun that they provide to the users. Or maybe, it’s the ease of riding them as if they are an extension of your body. You get the hang of them within a blink of an eye, and then you are steering through the streets on your new hoverboard. Hoverboards are pretty cheap. One could easily grab them from your nearby market at just three hundred dollars or so. During the 2015 and 2016, celebrities like Justin Bieber, and Jamie Foxx were seen riding hoverboards, and these rose their popularity to yet another extend.

Everything was going well for hoverboards when suddenly things started turning downhill. But, does that mean that you should stop using hoverboards?

  • Safety concerns regarding hoverboards

During the 2015, there were a numerous amounts of reports that stated that hoverboards were catching fire, and sometimes even exploding. But research proved that the hoverboards that aught fire were counterfeit pieces made in China. These hoverboards were made of faulty electronics, and badly made batteries. And this what to lead to the hoverboards catching fire.

A lot of bad press popped up regarding these incidents, as a number of people were injured during the incidents.  However, when the reason behind the explosions were unfurled, the safety concerns slowly started dying down. And the simple to ensure safety was to buy hoverboards with high quality batteries from trustworthy, and genuine dealers.

Lastly, another potential concern of hoverboards riders were a place to ride hoverboards. Because, they would buy a good quality hoverboard and there simply wouldn’t be a place where they could legally ride them. So for all those who own a hoverboard, it completely legal to own and ride a hoverboard in any part of UK. And there are many people whom you could see riding their hoverboards on public parks, and private properties.