Top 4 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and as artificial as it seems we all love this day for no particular reason. It is a day that you go out on dinner with no valid excuse, write and receive love letters, and celebrate with the best confections in the town. In the spirit of romance, now is the time to grab some gifts to dazzle your other half with some thoughtfulness.

1. Moon Ambient Light

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Moon Ambient Light makes the perfect gift for you boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband. This unique and attractive light is sure to surprise them by creating an atmosphere full of love that would be worth remembering. The light intensity could be adjusted using a touch sensor. This DIY keepsake includes six additional themes in the box which reads “We Still Do”, “Mr& Mrs”, and “Love Never Fails”. If you would like to personalise it more, you could write anything as you please on the moon surface. Whatever the case, this light is surely going to make a great gift on this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Vanilla Cupcake Candle with a Ring Inside. 

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This Valentine’s Day fill your home with the sweet aroma of creamy butter and sweet sugar and the catch; watch the candle burn slowly revealing surprise jewellery for your special half. The scent is sure to bring memories of your childhood days that you have spent having fun, and gulping down enough of confections to satisfy your sweet tooth. However, if you aren’t a fan of the creamy butter scent, there are always a lot of other options on the list including cinnamon bun, caramel coffee latte, lavender and more.

  1. Valentine’s Day Gift Basket.

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Is your other half a foodie? If he/she is then this gift basket tower is sure to satisfy his rumbling stomach. This distinctive gift basket made just for Valentine’s Day is sure to not disappoint you with the gourmet chocolate snacks, treats, and cookies. And at the very top of the tower, you would find a cute little teddy bear that you would remain as an additional gift.

If you aren’t sure about this option, you could also try making a gift basket yourself. Make a list of all the treats that your special someone loves and start gathering them from where they are best made. You could also try making some yourself if you are not that bad of a chef.

  1. Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speakers.

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For the music lover in your valentine, this cute little music player would make the perfect gift. This magic Bluetooth speaker performs four functions considering the minute size that it comes in. Bluetooth speakers, night light, flower plant pot, and a piano musical box, let your valentine choose what function that she will want this device to perform. For people afraid of dark, the soft warm night light, and the colourful breathing light will bring a feeling of security.

Make sure to grab something for your valentine this time. If not from the above list, you will find plenty lot of amazing products lining every store these days.





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