Travelling: A stress buster

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“The world is a book and those who do not travel reads only one page.” A missionary scholar by the name St. Augustine wrote these words during the renaissance period. Travelling of one feisty self specifically for as a leisure purpose creates a relief to oneself from tough times or social issues. Visiting of new environment by an individual makes him or her relieved. Psychological, considering on the behavioral way of thinking in human and how they view things differently, a scholar by the name Freud Sigmund sensitized  the arranging of your place of habitation in every interval of 4 days differently so that to improve in the lifelong of the brain cells.

Traveling changes the way you relate to the world in that it is both edutainment and educative and instills a self-response to one to acquire that sense of  developing a deeper sense of obligation to save our planet’s beauty for the coming generations. After all, you have seen it firsthand, and it is worth saving. This implies that, the knowledge understood about the nature will be granted self-worthy and the aching norm of wild destroys will be neglected by feisty self.

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Being stress free is not all about visiting family friend or going to watch cinemas and stand up comedies, Researchers have found that, travelling and camp taking in unknown places will bring deliverance to a worry person and self-disturbed. . Travelling is a stress buster in that it shuns away the low esteem condition thus giving you a happy condition due to different view one is experiencing in the journey. Amazing views makes one to be relief from obstacles in life: stress.

Visiting different place by an individual builds the urge of empathy for global suffering. When you travel, you learn how much you truly have that you take for granted. Considering this, one is able to lose the callousness and egotistic attitude that can sometimes develop when you cannot relate to that region of the world.

Meeting of people from different cultural background and sharing cultural beliefs and native food creates unity among people and broaden the way one thinks through improving social relation by other people. The discovering of new things by one self in builds the self-response of shunning away past hard times of an individual.


Travelling as a stress buster using memories, journals or pictures keeps one mind in touch of the happy moments and this reliefs someone and also decreases the aging process. Once the mind start receiving new things it boosts the hormone production at large thus improving ones health and realizing self-hidden potential.

Stress as a the most feeling which shuns down self-confidence can be outdo through travelling, when one travels to new places one is able to do things in his or her own way thus making work easier at very times  the action is done. Travelling  boost the individual self-confidence and improve the interaction standard of a person in meeting new people and sharing creativity. People having stress due to obesity, travelling and lots of hiking can burn fats henceforth making his or her self-esteem at good point.