Understand Pest Control

pest controlWhat is pest control?

The regulation of Pest as it is detrimental to a person’s health, to the environment and to the economy, is called Pest control. In a broader sense a pest can be considered as a competitor of humanity hence its control is necessary. Raccoons have been a troublesome species of pest, which accumulate near garbage and dustbins, house flies are other species of pests which accumulate where there is human activity especially near uncovered food. Sea gulls have become pests near sea resorts where the tourists feed the birds with snacks.

Why pest control is required?

Spiders, wasps, ants, silverfish, box elders. Earwigs, crickets, centipedes, mice are some home pests which can really be bothersome. They tend to spoil food, moreover they cause diseases hence there eradication is really necessary.

What are the primary steps to control pests?

Practicing good hygiene is the best method to control pest.
•All rubbish should be thrown in the dustbin.
•Food scraps should be tightly wrapped in paper.
•Dining areas should be kept clean.
•Stoves, space behind refrigerators and other household appliances should be cleansed regularly.
•Food should be stored in air tight containers.
•Fly screens should be used to stop pests from entering the house and holes and pipes should be sealed properly.

What are the methods of pest control?

Pest Control Methods can be mainly categorized into three types:

•Organic methods for Pest Control: They include Floating Row Covers, Pheromone Traps, Sticky Traps, Insecticidal Soap, Oil Sprays and Parasitic Nematodes.

•Natural methods for Pest Control: These methods are less expensive and are safer for the garden, family, wildlife as well as the environment.

•Biological methods for Pest Control: With the use of natural enemies pests can be controlled biologically. This can be done by introducing various predatory insects or nematodes or mites or parasitic wasps that infect the pest with fatal bacterial disease. This technique is mostly used in greenhouses, while some biological controls can also be used out of doors.