Valentine’s Day Décor Ideas

With Valentine’s Day coming, love is almost in the air. Every house is getting ready to hoist parties and get together and they require something unique to make them appear equally extravagant and romantic. With the unique décor ideas listed below, your loved ones will be sure to remember the party you just threw in for time immemorial.

  1. Valentine’s Day Cute Decorations With Hearts.

It is Valentine’s Day after all. There ought to be some pink and red hearts dangling around your home. No, don’t climb in and out of the stores searching for paper hearts or decorations. Instead grab some twigs and paint them black or brown. Place them in a glass jar and hang on paper hearts as in decorating a Christmas tree. Lastly, don’t forget to wrap some fairy lights around the twigs.

  1. Paper Heart Chains.

Paper heart chains look good to see when dangling down the walls. They are quite easy to make and would be a free time entertainment for you and your family, especially when you have preppy kids to help you with it. A few sheets of paper, and a couple lot of staples will be all that you need to create some beautiful looking paper heart chains.

  1. Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath.

A Christmas wreath during Christmas and a Valentine’s Day wreath during Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day decorate your door with a sweet felt heart wreath. They are quite easy to make, and could be used for more years that are coming by. With a foam wreath, and red felt alongside the basic commodities such as glue, pins, and cutting tools, you could create that perfect heart wreath. If you aren’t that good of a DIY person do watch some tutorials before you start working.

  1. Burlap Valentine’s Garland.

Valentine’s garlands are a must when it comes to parties. But Burlap garlands are even better. A few yards of Burlap needs to be cut into small rectangular pieces of equal size. Then cut a notch creating a flag and paint a red heart using paint and brush at the centre of the burlap flag. Once dried use hot glue to embed each flag on to the jute twine and you are done creating one beautiful piece of artwork.

  1. Floating Candles.

What is better on Valentine’s Day than having some floating candles light up the entire room? A few glasses, flower petals and tea candles put together in to a single piece will provide to an awesome source of beauty on a Valentine’s Day night. In addition you could always opt for some scented candles to uplift the atmosphere with the soothing aroma.

  1. A Romantic Table.

Creating a romantic table is often an easy task. Keep the tables simple and elegant with bright tulips, and dainty metal lace pedestals. Add in some throw pillows and blankets draped over the chair for an additional feeling of comfort. Golden utensils tied up with a burgundy velvet ribbon are yet another way to make the whole table appear luxurious.