Experience Virtual Reality with Microsoft HoloLens

Introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) has brought a great upsurge in the world of technology. A lot of people are not yet familiar with virtual reality or virtual reality devices. Experiencing VR is experiencing your visuals into reality through a device that comes with a headset and audio. Virtual Reality is a totally new concept, which is thrilling and amusing. If you are still living way back from present technology, it’s time for an upgrade. Try new technology and feel the difference. Haven’t tried VR devices yet! Try Microsoft Hololens.


Microsoft HoloLens takes Virtual Reality to a completely new level; it converts visuals into holograms making your VR experience more entertaining. Its operating system is Windows 10 and its development addition was released in March, 2016. The release date of the consumer version is yet to be announced.


– Design: The thick plastic headset is cushioned making it more comfortable but unlike VR headsets it adds a little weight on your forehead. The holograms produced are very nice but it still needs a few adjustments, these holograms can be touched and controlled. The view is restricted to the size of the monitor in front.

– Accessories: As the product is still developing only knowledge of a few accessories is available, it needs a HoloLens clicker that facilitates scrolling etc. with hand motion, Bluetooth keyboards, gamepads and other Bluetooth accessories


– Awesome build quality and design

– Excellent hologram resolution and Spatial sound

– Easy and hand free interaction


–  Limited field view, needs improvement

– Battery life is short

– Fitting needs improvement and is still a little glitch

The Microsoft HoloLens is still developing, there are sorting a few issues but when this HoloLens will release it will cause major ripples in the Visual Reality world. I have mainly discussed this due to its awesome development addition.

You can order the development addition at: https://www.microsoft.com/microsoft-hololens/en-us/hardware