What To Add And What to Delete During Pregnancy

If you are expecting, you should necessarily dispel the rumors and clarify the myths regarding the foods that are healthy during the course of pregnancy. Here is a guide on what to add and what to delete in regards to food during the course of pregnancy.

During the course of pregnancy, there are few things which probably might stress you out. But, eating should not be one of them for sure. Unfortunately, all the advice that you come to hear from your family and friends and also total strangers are not always right. Here are a few smart tips in terms of foods that maintain your weight and well-being during the course of pregnancy.

Foods to Avoid (Red-light Foods)

During the course of pregnancy, there are some changes which occur in the immune system of the pregnant women. The pregnant women become vulnerable to the various food-borne illnesses. You should avoid the following foods to avoid food-borne illnesses during pregnancy.

  • Eggs– The raw eggs at times become tainted with salmonella-a bacterium which can cause vomiting, fever and diarrhea.
  • Sushi– Sushi is not safe to be consumed when you are expecting because this contain illness-inducing parasites which may harm your body during pregnancy.
  • Unpasteurized juices– When you are pregnant, you should stay away from the unpasteurized juices like the cider juice that are sold at the farm stands. Pasteurization is a scientific method which kills the toxins and the bacteria. Though the majority of the juices and milk in the stores are pasteurized, but still you should check the label before purchasing.
  • Some varieties of fish– Some fishes contain omega-3 fatty acids which helps in the brain development of the baby in the fetus. These fishes are indeed a great meal choice during the pregnancy. But, there are some varieties of fish which possess high contents of methyl-mercury. This component acts as a pollutant that have chances of affecting the baby’s nervous system. Some of such fishes include tilefish, shark and swordfish etc. All these big fishes live longer and accumulates a lot of mercury in their flesh. So, these fishes should never be consumed during pregnancy.

Foods that can be consumed in small amounts (Yellow-Light Foods)

  • High levels of Caffeine– When it comes to caffeine, consumption of large amount of caffeine increases the health risks of the fetus. The permissible amount of coffee per day is 300 milligrams for a pregnant woman. Consumption of more amount of coffee may harm the pregnant woman or her fetus.
  • Nitraterich foods– You may consume cured meats such as sausage and bacon. These contain additives and nitrates which may possibly cause diabetes and brain tumors. So, it makes sense to limit the consumption of nitrate-rich foods.

Foods that can be safely consumed even in good quantities (Green-Light Foods)

  • Soft cheeses– There are several varieties of soft cheeses like Feta, Brie and Gorgonzola which were once considered harmful for the pregnant women are actually quite safe to be consumed. This has to be taken care of that the soft cheese that you consume should be prepared from the pasteurized milk.
  • Well-cooked Deli meats– Deli meat is safe to be consumed while pregnancy but they should be well-cooked in order to ensure that they do not contain any harmful bacteria.
  • Fresh produces– You may opt to consume large quantities of veggie and fruits in your diet during the course of pregnancy as it contains large quantities of fiber and vitamins which is very helpful for the good health of the mother and the fetus.